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From a solid base to a fast country

I think advertisements are a good way to interpret how the country is moving and what its moving towards!

While there is a huge number of people who still have to ride a cycle to work or take the city bus/train (DTC/BEST/Mumbai Local) there is a substantial direction that our two wheelers provide to the country! Actually let me correct myself right here! there is a indication of where the country is going, represented in advertisements!

Let's look at Bajaj!!!!

Bajaj was "बुलंद भारत की बुलंद तस्वीर".. a representation of strong India! the ads also show families, people, emotions, bonds between people etc etc!

Cut to today!

Bajaj Ads now represent Speed, power, individuality, etc etc!

Note the change in lyrics and the genre of this soundtrack below ! Its "नए भारत की नयी रफ़्तार " now.. representing the speed of this new India!

Needless to say, the advertisements are much more classier than before too!

Do I like what is represented in these ads now? We can debate that! but the fact which needs to be accepted is that times have changed, would continue to do so! though we will end up where were started from!

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