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Indraprastha Apollo in NOIDA?

I thought Apollo Hospitals did not have a presence in NOIDA, or maybe just a clinic. However Pooja said that she had seen the hospital!

To check, I went to Indraprastha Apollo's website to check for the hospital's address... The only thing about NOIDA that I could find out was the address of a pharmacy in sector-26.

Some screenshots from the website:


More locations...


Some more...

If you google the hospital, you would find that the hospital does exist in Sector-26, NOIDA and even has 20+ reviews.

I then called the Sarita Vihar hospital to check for the address, and asked the person on the phone about why NOIDA is not mentioned on the website.. and all he could say was..."Sir, wo update nahin hua hoga"!

I am surprised that this big an institution does not bother to keep its website updated. And like Tushar said, it does not really matter to them! Even if a few odd people who visit the website and do not find the right information chose to go somewhere else! I think this is very disappointing!

And from an IT consultant perspective, I consider this a blunder... The IT department of this organization is not upto date with what the business is doing! The number one symptom that most IT departments suffer from.

Anyway... for people who do not know, Indraprastha Apollo is in NOIDA as well! I am not sure about the quality of services, but let's leave that for a first hand experience though I hope doctors run out of business in future!

On a lighter note... How about trying to "Forget" a password instead of trying to remember one?

At work, I can click on forget password and what happens next is anybody's guess!



  1. very interesting observation you have made. as my work involves research, i have seen many company websites where the sites have not being updated for 3 months to 1 year. i have seen many company websites where they have not updated its management page where they mention the list of executives in their company. the person already departed from the company still shows on their management page

  2. It is very disappointing in my opinion!

    While we claim to be one of the nations to have a huge web users and one of the top in online shopping (surprisingly)... there are websites like this of prestigious institutions which are outdated!

    The question here is : Do you stop maintaining a web-presence once your cycle of getting enough revenue has started? and web starts looking like an overhead?

    Confusing eh!

  3. check out http://delhihospital.blogspot.com/