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Back from the hills!

Stay for two nights at Ranikhet - Rs. 5700
Food Bills for the trip - Rs. 2400
Fuel for about 800 kms - Rs. 4500

  • Dodging falling rocks and rushing through the rock-rain within a matter of seconds
  • Gathering courage to cross a fresh active landslide, and driving over rocks and trees
  • Driving over huge rocks with just about an inch of possible error margin
  • Watching river Kosi in its full flow, and driving through rushing waters for about 100 meters


Came back from a wonderfully rejuvenating break from Ranikhet and around! and brought back a whole lot to talk and think about for a long time!


  1. nice... ranikhet is one of the most refreshing places ever... must be all green there iss time... looking fwd for the pics :)

  2. certainly the adventure was priceless and totally unexpected