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Numbers do play an important roles in our lives! We do like to related numbers with future, past and present! And there never is a shortage of numbers of you are interested!

I like numbers too! Love them rather! Driving for over 3 hours everyday gives me an opportunity to think about a lot of numbers..

~ How many cars overtook me!
~ How many vehicles did I pass?
~ How many flyovers in my way?
~ How many times I end up in the lane slower than the right and left side lanes on the toll bridge?
~ How many times I honked?
~ How many time I was the last person to cross the traffic light before it turned red?

And some more numbers on my desk!

1. How many keys do I press everyday?
2. How many meters does my mouse move everyday?

It kind of moves a couple of cms every 15 seconds... lets assume two centimeters every 15 seconds,making it about 8 centimeters every minute on an average which means about 480 cms every hour, and in the entire working day of 8 hours I move my mouse for about 3840 cms or 38.40 meters! Not bad for everyday workout :D


  1. wow...
    jabardast numerology ;) :P :D

  2. @ FJ...

    @ Braj
    Numerology hogi when this will help predict something!

    This can probably predict how many days would it take my mouse to reach my office from work if I leave it there! :D

  3. complete vellapanti!!

    put your good mind to some good use.
    no offense intended!
    Just said the first thing which came to mind after reading the post.

  4. Oh trust me! doing those calculations in the mind was a minute of my time well spent :)