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slow slower slowest!

Though the sky was overcast, there were no signs of rain! and I could not even figure out if it was going to rain or not from the AC'd car cabin! Its usually a race against traffic, from within the traffic every day with close to about 3.5 hours of driving to cover about 80 kms. As I had left before the peak hours, traffic was following me, and I found relatively less traffic than usual! By the time I reached Moti Bagh, it was drizzling, and by the time I reached India Gate, it was raining cats and dogs!

And as soon as I turned left from Nizamuddin, I was caught in one of the worst storms I have experienced. With winds around 80kmph, a few asbestos sheets and some plastic drums came flying out of nowhere hitting a few cars just about 50 meters ahead of me, leaving me all jittery and scared! Took me about 40 minutes to reach Akshardham!

While there were loads of bikes and vehicles which broke down on the roads, there were a few who were playing music and dancing in the rain!

Drove through water as high as a foot in my sector to reach home!

What an evening!


  1. Sheesh! I live in Mumbai...we are always prepared for floods. Haha. You should visit the Worli Seaface and get drenched in the splashing [30 ft all] waves!

  2. In that weather you need garam chai...

  3. @ Nikita
    Someday! I have heard both good and bad things about Mumbai (I still like to call it Bombay though) rains!

    Got stuck in traffic there too, but realized it was a lot more organized traffic jam than Delhi :) even saw the roof of a car totally submerged!

    @ Varun

  4. But the rains have diminished this time. It wasn't as it used to pour before in monsoon. Global warming..!