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2009 in Pictures - September

September was great, like any other month in 2009!

Went to Gatlinburg, and the Smoky Mountains (again)...

Met Bumblebee! This was completely unexpected and I could not believe my luck! The car that I have loved and admired was right there in front of me! Yes the same car which was in Transformers-1. The yellow black Chevy Chamero!

Also went to Six Flags, the amusement park I used to drive by frequently, and even came back from the gates ones because it was too cold!

Bought a whole lot of movies... by the end of 2009, ended up with more than 100 movies, and all handpicked!

Also went to Chicago yet again... The Bean looks amazing when the lights come on!!!


  1. great pics...want to see them in real some day...:)

  2. Really good pictures. Have you been to the Sky Deck in Chicago?

  3. Nice! I too love the kiddo picture and wrong way. Are those all blurays?

  4. @ Richa
    She was a darling!!! kept all of us busy the whole day!

    @ Varun
    Hope you do someday!!!

    @ Shweta
    thanks! Yes I have been! However my best high rise experience has been on the rock in NY.

    @ Kanan
    These were all DVDs bought from MegaExchange

  5. Cool collection of Americana shots :)