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Congress gets power, I get an IP Softphone

Congress is getting back to power in Delhi... while some people would not like it, I am not surprised by this situation and am rather happy to see Sheila Dikshit continue ! This time around some 60% of the janta voted and I feel most would be glad to see the result !

In the last 4-5 years, I have seen a lot of things changing in Delhi and more for good than bad and I am hopeful that they were continue. The way Delhi has worked on its infrastructure is commendable and while that should continue, I am sure the other things which need attention would get their due in the next few years !

So way to go team !

And I got a IP softphone today...

now I am ready for a true home office and would be available on my office extension irrespective of where I am sitting in the world ! how cewl is that ! The world of Outlook Web Access, VPNs, Xtra-nets, and Soft Phones !


  1. I agree with you on the government front. There are a lot of things that changed for the good! Lot of more things to be done though...

    Congratulations for the softphone thing!

  2. I voted for Sheila aunty! :-)

  3. oppsssss.....new phone hurry congratualtions so whome u decide to say the first hello ?


  4. # Bhaskar...
    yea... I am sure things will improve... hopefully at a much better rate... My experience has seen issues getting resolved, progress being made and thats how the government would work here !

    This result is I guess a mandate for the current government and not a political party !

    Yea the softphone is pretty cool... AM not using my other phone anymore now...

    # Richa..
    :) Bas tei wajah se hi jeet gai i guess :)

    # Pricess...
    its actually is not a phone phone.. its a software that runs on my office laptop and lets me connect a headset to it and gives an interface like a phone ( the one that you see in the image)

    Official phone so official calls made :)

  5. Ya..iam amongest the few who though like Congress but cant stand Sheila Dixtit for another term..so not a very joice moment for me..though iam not very political..
    anyways..congratulations for the new phone..iam sure it'll come handy!!

  6. yeah me happy that shiela dixit is back in power.....

  7. ha ha - now all your time belong to us >:) evil grin by clients...

  8. :) Of all things.. I love the flyovers' that has come up in her terms...
    Aur congrats for the new phone.

  9. From what I see, the government does a good job of running Delhi.

    Soft Phone.. congrats. Par jis phone se humein call nehi kar sakta, woh phone kis kaam ka?

  10. # Vaishali...
    I am sure you have reasons to believe what you do !!! Hope her 3rd term helps change some opinions !

    yea, I actually work out of two offices here, so this set up helps me be available on my desk phone irrespective of where I am

    # Deepak..
    echo here

    # Anoop...
    :) It anyway does :) this was just for me to ensure I do not have to spend time listening to voicemails and call back :P

    # Kshitiz...
    thats one of the important things !!!

    thanks :)

    # Subbu...
    it sure does...

    bhai sahi bola tune... ekdum sahi !!!

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