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Husbands and Wives in HINDI

What is the hindi translation of Husbands and Wives?

It is "Dil Kabbaddi".

There are movies which are adapted, there are movies which are inspired and for the time first time ever, I saw a movie which is a translation, and with different faces and characters, but the same dialogues, the same time of doors being slammed and opened, the same timing of smiles and laughter, the same reference to places, phew !!!!

Rahul Bose , Konkona Sen and Irfan Khan are real fine actors without doubt, but I am sad to see them act in this movie because all they are doing is speaking the same dialogues which were spoken in Woody Allen's "Husbands and Wives" in Hindi and bits of english and trying to act the same movie out in different settings ! What were they thinking when they decided to do this? And Soha is such a misfit ! She has done a terrible delivery of the dialogues and expressions !!!

So if you were waiting to watch "Dil Kabaddi" I would say don't, rather watch the original !!! You will like it more for sure !

and while you are at it, do try to watch "Match Point"... what a smartly made movie... I liked it more coz it reminded me of London.. one of the places I love to love !


  1. don't try to scare me...you are talking to a person who has seen.. karz hello, back to back...

  2. hmmm, ill watch husband and wives then...

  3. Thanks for saving me from the torture, in that case..though I really wanted to watch that movie..but not anymore!!
    will try to catch Husbands and wives..

  4. main to phir bhi dekhoongaaaaaaaaaa.

  5. # Arobindo..
    are you and idiot or what?

    Aap Ka Suroor, Karzzzzz are movies of a league that you cannot compare to the movies like this one... don't even try to that again !!! i am too touchy about those movies :)


    # D Gypsy...
    you should...

    # Vaishali..
    you might just like it if you have not seen Husbands and Wives... for me it was just a waste of time watching the translation

    # Abhi..
    zaroor dekh bhai :)


  6. i never appreciate plagiarized stuff. thanks for informing

  7. Never intended to see it, and now that you have given the lowdown, never will.