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I am connected ! Are you?


Tell me tell me !!!

Are you connected too?

We all can make a virtual network of sorts :)

I changed my Wireless Network Name to BhagwanJi today... Now I can be reminded of my connection everytime I switch on my laptop :P


  1. deeply connected :)virtually... spiritually...at all times with and without broadband ;))

  2. HAhahahahhaa :))

    so deep and spirtiual connection :DD

  3. I am not connected. But if my friends are, I am happy for them.

  4. :) Wonderful .. it's these small small things that makes the chai waalah here at this chai ki dukaan so amazing a person !

    God Bless!

    And yes.. I am connected. :)

  5. Wow amazing idea to remember GOD atleast once a day..
    Iam connected too!!

  6. Mine is named - WoW.

    I am connected too!

  7. another one of those Murari-giri's!
    mast hain...

  8. Such a sweet n niceee thought !!!!!!!!!
    And yes connected to Bhagwan Ji 24/7 :) !!

  9. ha ha ha..good idea....!
    isnt it similar to naming sons on the lines of Gods names by older generations.....like Radheshyam,Shankar,Krishna..etc....


  10. Wow...great idea Prashant!:)and yes I am connected too.

    Just checking on you :)...since you were MIA on Flickr! Hope all's well!

  11. hey..coool idea..! :)

    abt being connected ~ guess He is always logged in, but i go ~ login -logout ! but in this lifetime am attempting to make a more consistently loving connection!

  12. # Joy...
    :) I am sure... his broadband is kinda different... :)

    # Neeku..
    great :)

    thanks !

    # Kashmira...
    kyon bhai?

    # Chakoli..

    # Subbu...
    tera connection tere doston ke through hai :)

    # Vaishali...
    actually there is no specific way to remember uncle... he is always around...

    # Tushar :)

    WOW :)


    # Bindiya..

    # Sam..
    hai na !!!

    # Anony...
    good good

    # Reeta...
    broadband ka zamana hai ji

    # Fighter Jet...

    yea... now that you mentioned it, it is similar to that !!

    # Shilpa...
    :) great !!!!

    I am too busy to spend time on Flickr or here these days.. so whatever I can manage I do :)

    # Jagriti...

    good good.. all the best !!!

  13. wow. bahut pahunch hai aapki. hey i hav some wishes. shall i send u the list?

  14. # Kshitiz...
    I don't know how on earth I missed reading your comment !!

    Sorry about that bro !!!

    and glad you feel that way !!!

    # Rahi..
    In fact uncle in Amreeka is too busy shopping for presents for the kids around here... you can do this..

    write all your wishes on a paper...

    cut it into small pieces...

    go to the terrace of your building...

    and throw them out in the open...

    most of them would come true, if you really really want them to :)

  15. I don't have wireless :( You always bring a smile Om

  16. # Mili...

    # Paradox Philic
    you bet :)

  17. Hmm...erratic connection. It keeps breaking esp when I need it the most. :(
    Tell me why?

  18. You might be trying to get connected to too many things at the same time i guess... one thing at a time, makes it slower but solves a lot !!!