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White and Christmas !

I had read on Tushar's facebook page a few days back that he was hoping for a White Christmas ! In Noida, having a white Christmas is not really possible, so I thought why not collect some white here in Milwaukee and make the day white for him ! so here you go bro, this post is for you and the white Christmas that you were hoping for !!!

This is how my walk to the office was a couple of weeks back !

A few days later, snow started melting and the green grass leaves were visible again !!

But a few cars were still covered with snow, like the one above and below... BTW I missed Radha when I took the picture below :)

The County team here has to work really hard to keep the snow off places where people walk...

This my friend Gaurav's Patio... we get a lovely view of the snow all around from his place !

And lets get back home to some warmth now... and this is me making the Shimla Mirch :) And did I tell you that it tasted yummy yet once again :)

And then it snowed heavy again last week... I even got a snow day off !!! It snowed about 12 inches in the night, bringing the entire city to a halt. Even the Milwaukee Airport was closed that day !

The roads were full of snow, the cars stuck, and walking difficult, with driving almost impossible !

See it was almost about a foot of snow like I said !!!

A Newspaper box and a cycle stand !

The shopping carts at a local store !!!

And I decided to venture out in the evening too, and saw some really beautiful views around... The snow does make a lot of things look much more beautiful than they are otherwise...

The Milwaukee Arts Museum view from my office, and the lake Michigan in the background.

A park near the Lake Michigan !!! This is where loads of Summer Festivals happen over the spring and summer time in Milwaukee !

Some more views from my office !

Some interesting pattern that snow flakes made on the glass walls in office !

There is more coming, as the snow does not seem to stop here :) Hope everyone has a great happy Merry Sweet Christmas !!!

Me is going out in a while to walk around in that park... and the temperature right now is around 0 deg Centrigrade !


  1. wow...so much of snow..! i can feel the cold here...! :)

    wishing you a warm and merry christmas and joy in the festive season...

  2. merry christmas sir jee,

    snow snow every where.... love the shades of white in the pics and they were fantastic as usual!!..

  3. Ho hO HO Merry Christmas!

    Lovely snaps buddy. I was so keen on seeing snow fall...once I went to Manali for just that and it took me no time to get bored of it too!

    Was not too much into photography at that time...maybe that was the reason!

  4. sir jee btw

    how many clothes are you wearing....?

    sir india se rupa thermocot leke jani thi na!! "sardi mein bhi garmi ka ehsaas" .... hehehe...

  5. "Someone in the sky last night
    Had an awful pillow fight,
    And when I woke today I found
    All the feathers on the ground".

    the beautiful picture reminds me to say these lines once again great work you rock here i wish you a very happy & sugary christmas.

  6. i liked all the pics :)... i still go by bus to office in this heavy snow :P.. mazza aata hai..

  7. Merry Christmas :)

    Wahan chai ki dukaan nehi hai?

  8. Hope u had a great time..
    wish u a MERRRRRRRRY CHRISTMAS too!!
    I am sure it would be a lot more fun there..

  9. that's not one foot that's like half leg..:)

  10. Wow!!!!!!!!
    and Christmas Sabki..sirf 'Meri' nahi :)

  11. I envy u ... I have never seen snow even though I am from the hills :D

    Happy Holidays !

    - Paromita

  12. sirf ek barf ki chadar hai...awesome pics.... thanks for sharing

  13. wow...enjoy the snow!

    wish you a merry xmas and a very happy new year......

  14. :) Sweet post .. And 0 degrees C is a warm temperature .. isn't it! :)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year ahead !

  15. Happy new year to all :)
    Friend....God Bless !!!

  16. # JAgriti...
    wear something nice and warm... nahin to thand lag jayegi itni door se bhi !!!

    # Ankit...
    same to you bro !!!


    # Bhaskar...
    I have seen too much snow so far here, but I still love it !!! not because of photography, but the entire feel of walking around when its white all around !!

    # Ankit...
    zyada nahin ... 3 layers... jacket, sweatshirt and the inner... there are times that it can be inadequate as well ... nothing works when its -15 you see :)

    # Princess...
    beautiful lines they are !!!

    thanks :)

    # Geet...
    :) i take the bus at times to a mall here !!! i like it too :)

    # Subbu...
    nahin hai bhai nahin hai :(

    # Vaishali...
    :) its not fun untill you have people you enjoy yourself with !!!

    but this christmas was a nice one too :)

    # Anony...
    yeah... just about

    # Fighterjet
    hehe.. ji ji... sabki

    # Paromita...

    # Reetika...
    you are welcome.. glad you liked them

    # Amit...
    thanks... you have a great new year too

    # Kshitiz...
    you bet its warm :P


    # Reeta..

    # Mon..
    be warm :)

    # Tushar..
    daant dikha raha hai saale... itni der baad comment kya

    # Nida...
    happy new year to you too marah !!!

  17. By the way did you try and fell in the snow as if to jump for bungi ...its fun try it next time its a feet and more snow.
    I tried. and loved it.

  18. Nahin bhai, abhi tak to kuch bhi aisa try nahin kiya !! maybe one of these days !!! there is no dearth of snow all around :P