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Floor the 13th

My seat is on the 13th floor of the office building, and one of the nicest things that happens to me often is the morning sunlight falling on my desk (on the sunny days, which are not so common right now)...

This is something that brings a smile to my face almost every time !

Oh, and did I mention that I can see the vaaaast lake Michigan from my office too... its actually just a 5 minute walk away... Its beautiful !!!


  1. this is so lovely...the falling snow ....enjoy it ..and the sun too when it shines :))

    god bless

  2. beta a few mopre days and I will 8 floors above ..

  3. # Joy...
    thanks :)

    god bless you too

    # Aro...
    it still is not the floor the 13th :P sounds more like a french dish than the floor :)

  4. kewl...

    liked the aliens / flies floating in u r blog...nice..

  5. lucky you!
    havent seen sun for last so many days..lost count of it :(

  6. This falling snow/aliens/flies (something that all the people have chose to call it) is AMAZING!

  7. wow.. that must be a superb view... :)

  8. falling snow :) this is so cute.
    me on floor the 7th :P

  9. No pictures from your desk?

    Mein to aam aadmi hoon, mitti mein pala bada, I am in 1st floor :P

  10. it is one of the 5 very beautiful lakes in US & canada, i've heard, must be beautiful

  11. Ohh

    i thot it has soemhting to do with jignesh the patel of jaane tu :DD

    neways njoy vitamin d and k... whatever i emna :PP

  12. am making two comments here unrelated to the post... hoping you will smile it away and respond all the same.
    1. Hubby bets that the image on your header is coffee, I say it is Chai- pls clarify
    2. `nadi kinare saap hai akele chai peena paap hai....' is a stroke of complete genius poet bhai.

  13. Niice!

    Reminded me of '13th Floor', a restaurant in B'lore which offers pretty good views of the city landscape apart from serving great food and wine ;-)

  14. jab sab apne apne floors bata hi rahe hain to main bhi bataunga........... UNDERGROUND BASEMENT. Ab dekho sun kitna dekhte ho. LOL.

  15. Wow..good for you!!
    You are amongest some of the God's blessed children..
    Iam on the 7th floor too.must confess the view of Gurgoan's concrete jungle through the glass panes is amazing..lolz..

  16. Well...

    Om...What's in the floor...?
    Sun ka hai impt role hai....
    Bole to "Vitamin D" milta hai

    # on a serious note...I like the snow falling...

  17. @ Tanu
    arre duffer, that's snow :D

    @ Fighter Jet
    I have not seen it for a while now... 3 days to be precise now, and there is no forecast that tells me when either !

    @ Bhaskar
    yea, its beautiful... very similar to what I see at times when I am walking back home from work

    @ Anoop
    one of the best things that I see atleast 3 times a week (I work out of a different office for 2 days)

    @ Subbu
    nahin bhai, have not taken the camera to the office yet... soch raha hook kisi din lekar jaunga.. Monday should be a good day i guess

    @ Tushar
    haan bhai, one of the "great" lakes as they call it...

    @ Chakoli
    na na... no relation there..

    thanks :)

    @ Chandan
    1. Hubby dear just lost the bet !!! that's 100% chai, the picture was taken in Pondicherry last to last year !!!

    Here is the link to the same glass from a different Point of View : http://flickr.com/photos/prashantbhardwaj_ut/1578723918/in/set-72157602043787086/

    2. The first line is from a famous two line poem we used to recite in good ol' school days... the second i added :P

    @ Abhi...
    hehehe... I have seen that... it does not look that bright outside from where you are, but it sure does taste the best :D

    @ Vaishali...
    you staying close to home is a blessing in itself :) kehte hain na,

    har kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahin milta, kabhi zameen to kabhi aasmaan nahin milta :)

    @ Pankhudi...
    first thing first...

    i love your new display name...

    The number of the floor is special... i have a special affection for the number 13... so i kind of like being there... :)

  18. haan haan maloom hai tum kitna ucchalte ho lake michigan mei ! :)
    Mine was on the 26th floor.. and it was bliss too.

  19. interesting blog dude :) I'm surprise u dnt hv a good sharing engine. Tell-a-Friend is the latest one yet

  20. aap humse bass 90 mins door ho.. and you are lucky to see lake michigan everyday...mast hotahoga ni.. last week has been terrible in terms of cold.. it wasnt like this last year..

  21. ye snow fall kaise ho raha hai? kaise karte hain? hamein bhi sikhao...

  22. # Kshitiz..
    :) yea high floors are realy nice !! my office in london was on the 14th and it used to give such a beautiful view of the city !!!

    # Zo...

    # Geet...
    aao milo kabhi !!!

    hope you are doing good !

    # Paavani...
    yea :)

    # Anjuli...
    seach for snow fall + blogspot.. it should give you a widget to run on your page !

  23. hey but 13th is said to b unlucky. did u feel anything

  24. # Rahi...
    I was never sure of that, but then people do say it :)

    I just feel good and nothing else :)