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Prasha - Cook(er)

Third time in a row, cooking for myself did not disappoint me ! And I am nothing but extremely happy that the food has been great !

I am also surprised that I did not mess up the salt or anything else either !!! But this is a pleasant surprise !

And too bad there was no one to see the expressions on my face when I tasted food :) :/

I am getting there :) slowly but surely !!!

and celebrating with a nice banana split scoop is just the right thing !

p.s. thanks Joy for the title :D


  1. su vaat che omie :) i strongly blv, every man must know to cook atleast the bare minimum.

    should have made the title prasha cook..err :)

  2. sahi hia ... comments show bhumika ne title suggest kiya... did i miss something?

  3. well done!the best part is you enjoy eating your own cooked food.kya banaya thaa?

  4. interesting blog :)
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  6. Arre wah!!

    Good good..so when's the dish and recpie coming on the blog..

    Staying alone makes you learn so many new things!!

  7. whoa!
    n wot was the menu btw? don't say Maggi :-)

  8. Oh! This TIGER knows cooking also Impresive :)

    yuppy yuppy

  9. # Joy...

    # Bhumika...
    koshish to kar raha hoon bhoomi... seekh jaunga dheere dheere :)

    men like bare minimum :P

    hehe... title ka update to mast diya hai tumne..

    # Aseem...
    bhai... joy said Prasha Cook(er)... bhoomi said Prasha Cook...err ( Err is added element there)

    # Kashmira
    1. scrambled eggs... ok ok.. no big deal but the salt was just right... so i liked that part

    2. Dahi ke Aalu... mom and Mayuri helped with some instructions... and this time around too.. the taste was rocking... one of my friends and his wife confirmed this

    3. Shimla Mirch and Aalu (again)... mom helped a bit on the phone... and yummy it turned out to be !

    # Dark Secrets...
    thank you...
    and i did enjoy it big time :)

    check the above comment for the food items :)

    # Nida...
    marah... tujhe kaise pata chala :)

    # Zoram
    no spam please !!!!

    # Vaishali
    :) arre dish to upar likh di hai...

    reciepie mein kuch khaas nahin hai.. par likhunga kisi din !

    # Sangfroid

    Oh I have made maggi 3 times as well... and that is not counted in what i have mentioned above:)

    # Princess...
    the tiger is getting better :)


    # Kshitiz..
    :) bas bhai...

  10. waah waah :)

    ek tip for next time. just before its done...add some maggi chilli garlic sauce

  11. in the eggs I mean. Alooo is one thing I am scared of cooking! Believe it or not!

  12. Welcome to the communilty LOL:)

  13. # kashmira

    ji zaroor... lekar aaunga is weekend phir dalunga :)

    aalu to itti simple hote hain :P

    # Pallavi...
    :) thank you thank you

    # Abhi...
    bhai wo shimla mirch tere style wali sikha de... bahut miss karta hoon usko :)

  14. nice..self timer nahi hai tere camera mein :) else buy a handy cam..then we can see u r expressions too :)

  15. These are the kind of expressions that cannot be recorded!!! they have to be seen and felt first hand, fresh from the oven or lets say kitchen :)

  16. you make me hungry... too bad I can't at the moment.... it will still take an hour to reach home and eat... probably eat ghobi ki sabji again

  17. Arre wah! Next time all of us are together, you and the butler can cook then! I will mix the drinks :P

  18. Neeku...
    hope you had food properly... waise I love gobi ki sabzi..

    # Subbu...
    Amen bhai Amen !!

  19. A suggestion--just add a little chaat-masala in the shimla-mirch u make it nxt tym.Its taste will certainly get better !!!

  20. Awwww....sweetie pie. Mujhe kab khilayega?

  21. # Anony...
    yea.. makes sense... will do


    # Mon...

    aaja khaja :)

  22. lyke d tytle a lot as eet ees phonetically challanged...
    enjoy cooking


  23. # Reeta...
    glad you did :)

    thanks !!!