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Went to a picnic last weekend with a friend and his wife...

Looking at the number of leaves all around, I can only image how pretty this place would have been in Fall !!! And I am sure its going to look very very beautiful when there is snow all around !!! I am waiting for a decent snow fall to go there again !

Enjoy the pictures !

Patterns on a stone slab !


The water has started freezing here...

And the leaves have dried up !

But the place still looks beautiful!

I like snow on my shoes !!! Subbu dekh le, ye joote yahan bhi kaam aa rahe hain.. Jai Woodland !


  1. Fall mein nahi gaye?!?!?!? Its still beautiful :)

    Where is this? The wooden steps look very very familiar, make me feel like I have been there before...dejavu!

  2. Fall mein Minneapolis ke botanical garden gaya thaa... fotos nahin post ki hai abhi tak :) some day i will !!

    This is a part near the Lake Michigan in Milwaukee !

  3. Jai Woodland! I have them on right now :)

  4. Hope you had a great trip!!
    As always the pics are great!!No favourites this time..they are all equally good!!
    God Bless
    Take Care..

  5. i so so want to get out now! ... nice pics bro...

  6. just so picturesque man. i have only seen such picture's in books or greeting card can't really belive that there are really such undiscoverd beautiful places like this one i specially like the dry maple leaf your picture's specks all the fun and frolic you had with the kool gang.
    To u and to ur pictures all i can say 2 express my way is

  7. finally got to open ur blog page!

    picnic mein to teen log gaye the, teesra to kahin dikh nahin raha....


  8. i loved the feel of the place with the fall leaves and the anticipated snowfall...

    the whole area covered up with dried up leaves is so amazing, feels like it is inviting you to tread over it...!

  9. # Marie..
    same pinch :)


    # Subbu
    :) super.. u are the reason why I have those shoes !!! thanks bro :)

    # Vaishali...
    this is just the beginning... will have many more :)

    thanks dear

    # Anoop..
    and what stops you bro?

    # Princess...
    oh, there are places much better than this... keep looking at flickr.. i am going to post some Fall pictures there and I am sure you will like a few there

    # Anjuli..
    was it not working at your end?

    Teesra sirf teesri aankh se dikhai deta hai...


    # Jagriti...
    yea.. i loved it too...

    If it was not that cold... I would have gone crazy playing around with all the dry leaves :D... kind of like Calvin does !!!

  10. The best way to stay warm in Winter is to enjoy it :)
    I see you are doing just that !

    Tu Minneapolis mei hi hai kya next month mid tak?

  11. wo tree root wali pic reminds me of the forbidden forest in Harry Potter :) and yeah patton ke chitra ache hain...i personally love clicking leaves..all shapes forms sizes colours....
    enjoy :)

  12. seems like a nice place.......
    good pics

  13. @ Kshitiz...
    you bet :) I am liking it so far :)

    I am in Milwaukee bro... and yes am here till next month mid... and more !

    @ Reeta...

    There are so many leaves to click here...


    @ Deep...
    It sure is...


  14. liked all of your pics.. except the first one... the metal texture and appearence sort of reminds of dry animal skin...

    but the swing ones are very playful and nicely captured....

    Ghosh I can't imagine fall is already here....

  15. # Tushar..
    very happy bhai

    # Neeku...
    yea, thats why I clicked it.. but these were the patters made on a stone rock !!! very interesting actually...

    FALL is already gone... isnt it?

    # Reetika..

    # Fighter Jet...
    jagah bhi mast thi ekdum ! :)

  16. sorry sorry I meant Winter is already here ....