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Mirror Mirror On the Wall !!!

Who is the most surprised of them all!!!

Looks like shooting is becoming a pastime around !!! What the FKK has happened in Mumbai... every Tom Dick and Harry thinks they can hold a city to ransom just like that !!!

But then why am I even talking about Mumbai ! what the political parties do to the people is nothing less than this !!!

Its just the people who get killed at the end of the day !
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  1. The nos are on a constant increase!!
    High alert declared in Delhi too..Iam sure these people are for sure upto something major before the elections on 29th Nov.
    God Bless us all!!

  2. And ya,Iam sure SHOOTING is attracting people a lot, some do it with a camera some with a gun and that too all for FUN!!

  3. as a poem goes..."the mirror cracked from side to side..the curse has come upon me cried the lady.."

    - but as we sang in school ..we shall over come ...some day...man mein hai vishwas ..poora hai vishwas...hogi shanti charon aaur....ek din....

  4. :( man.. itz pure madness - whtz happening @ chennai...

  5. mumbai is in a very bad shape..kya milta hain inlogo ko masoom jaane lekar ???

  6. India has become an easy target - this was another successful attempt to prove that they can do anything anywhere - hotels, hospitals, adlabs, cafe's, stations...and that too in Mumbai. I guess it is time Indian intelligence woke up and we fight it up....and we better do that fast...bloody cowards..killing innocent people!

  7. # Vaishali...

    # Jyoti
    thanks for reminding of this song !!!

    it makes sense

    # Burf
    it will...

    # Subbu

    # Anoop
    no idea bro... its madness right !

    # MySpace
    publicity milti hai...

    kehte hain na, badnaam hue to kya naam na hoga !

    # Kshitiz