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So is Life !

A bit too unpredictable!! You gotta live every single second of it !!!

While I feel encouraged to live every second right now, I also feel bad about wasting my time over things/people/incidents which were not really worth it... They have done some good for me for sure, first by teaching me a lesson, and then making it all more important for me to make up for the lost time ! Ok forget it... let me just turn the rear view mirror away for a while !

Turning off the comments on this post !!! This was written in a mind frame and thoughts which were triggered by the untimely and sudden death of a very dear friend... I am not really sure that the post reflects what all I have been thinking... and I am not really sure I feel like talking more about this post !!

Apologies if you had a comment to make !


  1. I would be lying if I say that I am going to try !!

    I am angry wrt a few things and I rather let that anger be there bro !!! its passive, but at the same time is fuel to a few things that I do !!!

  2. yup - i agree with ur comment... anger can be an amazingly good fuel.. been in that spot couple of times... but I never seem to learn my lesson...
    as u said, i thank them for teaching me a lesson and try to value my time more and try to reclaim the time I could have used more productively.

    but dont keep the anger for long time... let the embers die in the ash...

  3. For me, there is no waste of time, or making up for lost time. Life is a long journey, let's enjoy it at a leisurely pace, what's the hurry?

  4. I always believe..whatever happens,happens for a reason and for good!!
    Good you realise the positive points too..So just enjoy whats more in store for you
    God Bless!!

  5. # Anoop...
    some of them do... some i let them be :)

    # Subbu...
    i am in agreement with you said, however this post is triggered by an event which has made me go over a few things multiple time in the last few days !

    kabhi bataunga

    # Vaishali
    thats so right !!!

    but does "death" happen for good?

    maybe on a different level it does, and it all fits into place at a level...

    Having said that, I totally agree to what you said... take care !

  6. lovely angle for the post..

    am with Subbu on prioritizing my journey in life and anger management :)

    all the best to you.. in whatever way you choose to travel and live..

  7. are you telling me that you have never felt that you have wasted time?

    Oh Com'on !!! :)

    However there is very different reason and background to this post than whats written here... I just wanted something out of my system, though I am not completely done yet !!!