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Ishq !!

तूने दीवाना बनाया तो मैं दीवाना बना,
अब मुझे होश की दुनिया में तमाशा ना बना...

Tune Deewana banaya to main deewana bana,
ab mujhe hosh ki duniya mein tamasha na bana !

One of my favorite songs, sung unbelievably beautifully by Abida Parveen... I do not understand the song completely (Nida please HELP!!!!) but I can listen to it over and over and over and over again !!!

One thing that I love about the Sufi style of music is that God is loved more than prayed in front of... Almost every song is a representation of the true love for HIM ! Ishq, Mohabbat are the words that seem so pure with Sufi Music...

तू मिला भी है तू जुदा भी है
तेरा क्या कहना

तू सनम भी है तू खुदा भी है
तेरा क्या कहना

ये तमन्ना है के आज़ादे तमन्ना ही रहूँ
दिले मायूस को मनुसे तमन्ना न बना...

तुने दीवाना बयाना तो मैं दीवाना बना...
अब मुझे होश की दुनिया में तमाशा न बना...

tu mila bhi hai, tu juda bhi hai
tera kya kehna

tu sanam bhi hai, tu khuda bhi hai,
tera kya kehna

ye tamanna hai ke aazade tamanna hi rahoon,
dile mayoos ko manuse tamanna na bana

tune deewana banaya to main deewana bana
ab mujhe hosh ki duniya mein tamasha na bana

Ask me for the song, if you are fond of Sufi music, or if you'd just like to hear it !

Another song that sounds out of this world in Abida Parveen's voice is "Chaap Tilak Sab Cheeni Tose Naina Milaike"... I am listening to it right now, and words cannot really express what I feel when I listen to the Dholak, Tabla, Harmoniam adding Magic to brilliantly sung Song !!! Let me go to a different world listening to these songs !!!



  1. Lovely songs! They totally transport you to some other world, don't they?

  2. i think even Kailash Kher has sung this song "Chaap Tilak Sab Cheeni Tose Naina Milaike",rememeber hearing it in his voice!!
    Undoubdetly they are Brilliant!!

  3. pleaze tell me where i listen to it...

  4. sufi songs are so very soft and sweet.. love them all..

    the very first song of abida i heard was 'dama dam mast kalandar' and liked it instantly :)

    om, pls mail me these two songs you mentioned :)

  5. mere ko bhi sun na hai...second especially...

  6. # Subbu
    haan bhai.... instant teleportation hota hai !

    # Vaishali
    I think everyone who sings sufi has sung these songs... including Dama Dam Mast Kalander...

    There is a certain amount of Rawness in Abida Parveen's voice which I am fond of !

    # Neeku...
    I am not sure if they are avalable online... write to me @ prashantbhardwaj[at]gmail[dot]com and I shall email them to you

    # Mayuri..
    good to see you around... I would have written to find out about your whereabouts... kahan gayab ho tum?

    will email both to you

    # Mon...
    I will send them to your gmail id !

  7. "Ishq, Mohabbat are the words that seem so pure with Sufi Music..."

    they are pure emotions!!....some times get colored by heartaches of the heart that experiences them...if we could see the divine beloved in everyone ... the world would be paradise :))

    while both these are superb...the first one ...blows me away...

  8. # Joy...

    glad you liked the songs :)

  9. I am a HUGE Abida Parveen fan. And I absolutely love Chaap Tilak. Have heard many singers sing it & love all of them- the song is brilliant. But i havent heard this song you just wrote of here. Will it be possible for you to mail an mp3 to me?

  10. This is a truly lovely song! I love it tooo.. and I am going to listen to it now :)

  11. # Fighter Jet...

    # Vinnie...
    We got something common there :)

    will email the song to you !

    # Kshitiz...
    you bet bro... enjoy !

  12. hi
    sufi songs are the songs from the hearts ,they touch your inner voice

    nice blog
    see u later


  13. # SM..

    so very true !!!

    thanks !

  14. am late...ahhh
    tune deewana banaya to main deewana bana, wah ...i am a huge fan of Abida Parveen and thanks to my dad who took us to many live shows of Abida Parveen. Amazing lady! Simple and Elegent. She is a gem of Sindh. Sufism is so rich in her melodies like Sufiana kalam of bhulay Shah.

  15. # Nida,
    I envy you for you have seen and heard her so many times, and I am still waiting for my chance to be a part of a show

    and you are so right, the richness in Sufi Kalaams

    # Paavani
    sure thing... will send them out to you !

  16. i love chaap tilak..its an amazing song..its a folk song and many singers have sung it , havent heard abidas version..the lyrics of this one are fab..never heard it though

  17. I think everyone who sings Sufi, has sung this song !!! Send me an email, let me send you Abida's version !

  18. This is a song that really connects me to God- Maula. I was just searching its complete lyrics and I just sneaked into ur site. So happy to found it though incomple. Thanks :)