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मिर्च मसाला

क्या होता है, क्यों होता है,
कोई पाता है, कोई खोता है,

हस्ता है कोई रोता है,
जागता है कोई सोता है,

सपनो में सपने पिरोता,
अपनी नैय्या ख़ुद डुबोता

उल्टा सीधा अपलम चपलम
हर पल ये मतवाला है

वो जीना भी, कोई जीना है,
जो बिना मिर्च मसाला है !!!!

I for some reason cannot recall what this program was about, even though I remember this ingle and humm this often :) ... Mirch Masala !!! Refresh my memory someone please !!


  1. Mirch Masala use to comes on DD Metro its a song Coundown Show your post takes me to old time when many people have not complectely surrender there eyes 24*7 hrs, infront of the idiot box(T.v) i rememeber even i use to hume the jingle many time and also watch this programme.

  2. I thought you were writing about mumbai under attack by the terrorists.

  3. Isnt this the song from some Rajesh Khanna movie, i think "Aap ki Kasam" - Zindagi ke safar mein chale jaatein hain, or some song from "Dil hai ki maanta nahin" - Tu pyaar hai kisi aur ka..
    Iam sure some of the lyrics are common though,might not be the full phrase!!

  4. @ Princess !

    arre haan... the song countdown show :)


    i love this jingle

    # Vinie
    nai re...

    # Vaishali...
    nope.. this is a jingle from DD !

  5. Song countdown?

    As far as I remember, MM was a "Whose Line Is It Anyway" type show. I remember Saurabh Shukla used to appear in it.

  6. I think it was a countdown too..

    The show you mentioned was a different one... I love "who's line is it anyway" though !