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Brown Walls and the Sounds of Flute !

My restless of not being able to drive for a long time, took me to Fatehpur Sikri last weekend, and one our way back we decided to see the Ghats in Vrindavan... I am so glad we did !!! Got to see a completely different view of the town of Krishna !

While I feel lazy about writing in complete detail about the trip, please enjoy some of the pictures below...

A vehicle typical to western UP.. Called "Jugad" and made out of a Diesel Genset/Water Pump fitted with used automobile parts (Steering, Suspension, Radiator, Headlights) and a wooden body over a hard suspension chassis ! (Photograph by Tushar aka Burf)

Camera overuse and exploitation ! :P

A boat in Yamuna waters !

One of many kids at Mazaar of Khwaja Saleem Chishti...

ASI works hard to keep the Sikri clean and green ! and it shows !!!

A wall in the Jodhabai's Mahal ( Its refered to as her Palace, but there are no historical evidences to really prove the Jodhabhai used to stay here)... The pictures below are from the same palace...

I am going to away for a couple of days... maybe more !!! Will see you all soon at the Chai ki Dukaan !!!


  1. lovely snaps.. loved teh photo tour...

  2. have a safe trip Murari,
    will miss u around.
    C ya real soon,
    g'nite and god bless, :)

  3. enjoy...
    liked the pictures..especially of the boat...

  4. liked the wide angle look in a couple of snaps. hope you have a safe journey :)

  5. Liked the boat waali pic..and also the last three of the post..

    hope you have a great and safe trip..
    God Bless!!

  6. thanx 2 your lovely pics..ghar baithe hee sikri ghum aaye..Jugad sahi hain :-)

  7. # Anoop
    thanks bro

    # Bindiya

    # Reeta
    thanks... i loved the boat ride

    # Bhoomi
    yea... used wide angle for them... thanks

    # Vaishali

    # MySpace

  8. oye...you forgot to mention that I was the history expert

  9. arre abhi tak likha hi kahan hai post... this was just a teaser !

  10. Lovely as usual.. like the sepia look

  11. amazing post.. luved few pic ov urs :)