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Love के लिए साला कुछ भी करेगा !!! (Anything for love, or to make some :P )

जो बीवी से करे प्यार,
वो कैसे करे रेड लाइट पार

और जो पति से करे प्यार
वो भी कभी न करने दे रेड लाइट पार

I was at this red light near my house, and a young couple, recently married by the looks of it, stopped next to me... and the guy was in a hurry to cross the red light, even though there was heavier than light traffic moving around ! And the girl was just sitting behind, completely oblivious of the fact that the guy was risking both their lives just to save 30 odd seconds of stopping on the signal. The guy displayed some interesting driving skills and crossed !

I see this often !!! People who are riding pillion or sitting next to the drivers do not really object to defaults by the drivers!!!

Here is a proposed point based traffic default control system for young couples :) And see if you can take it seriously :)

You start with 10 points in your kitty...

- Every act of nice-ness and ethics on the road, adds 1 point to your total; and if you were over nice someday (Stopped for someone and let them walk/drive through before you, drove in the right lanes with safety first the entire day, etc) you get 2 points.

- Every minor default(overtaking from the left, unnecessary lane change, useless honking, driving in high beams, improper parking) subtracts 1 point from your total.

- Every major default (Not stopping on a red light, driving on the wrong side in a one way lane, parking in the no parking area, parking in front of someone else's gate, dangerous driving, unnecessary over speeding, driving under influence) would subtract 2 points from the total.

And then :
  • If at any time the points for a married driver goes below 5, NO SEX till he gets his total beyond 5 points
  • If a bachelor, has less than 5 points, no kisses and no other physical intimacy till he crosses 5 points again. No not even holding hands !
  • If a married lady driver is less than 5 points, take away her face wash and the perfume bottles till she gets back to more than 5 points
  • If an unmarried girl is less than 5 points, the above applies in addition to a shopping/outing ban for a week.
The ownership here lies with the people to ensure we have safer and better roads out there !!!

Oh, and the singles can enjoy :P


  1. Interesting post Prashant but i cant read those lines in Hindi :( can u plz translate.

  2. nida, i ain't exactly translating

    but here goes

    jo biwi se kare pyaar,
    wo kaise kare red light paar

    aur jo pati se kare pyaar,
    wo bhi kabhi na karne de red light paar

  3. hee hee. I think I will get all the 100 plus points and bonus too 'cause)knock on wood)I follow all the rules.

    Hey and you don't have to take away things based on gender..make it universal.

    No cell phones or use of internet for a day. Lemme tell you something.. people can live without food, water, perfumes and everything else but take away their cell and boy do they go crazy.

    Or just no driving privies til they follow the rules.(add credit card usage to the list too) hee hee


  4. Haha thanks burf
    wah bhai wah ...Prashant...bahoot badiya :)

  5. # Nida...
    oops... i should have done that even before you asked me to... but I guess tushar has done that for us ! he has written everything in english for you :)

    # Burf...
    thank the you hai...

    # Vinnie...
    Aish hai tumhaari :)

    I have to take away things based on gender this time, because of the sheer need of sex for men :D keep them away from it, and they will do anything to get it !!!

    Cell phones, internet also are things that one can be kept away from... interesting list this could become !!

    wonder what if we all start following this :) sab theek ho jayega !

    # Nida...
    :) hehe..

  6. he he lol....ROFL..

    lekin..NO shopping for unmarried girls is bad :) there should be some other costs... :)

    but for boys I wanted to add - no internet, no phone, no cigarette, ...but others have already included some of these...

  7. Haa haa! Funny - love these new road rules. Would definitely change many relationships out there. What about road rage though? That must be negative 2 points, huh? Many people would be in the red on this one.

  8. I like the concept... it should be extended to other civic sense matters... pedestrians, littering, spitting, urinating, etc, etc.

  9. He he... abhi mere dimaag mein kuchh X-rated funny situations ghum rahe hai... tune punishments hi kuchh aisa rakkha hai... yahan nehi, kahin aur discuss karoonga. After all, chai ki dukaan hai.... public place :P

  10. # Kshitiz
    :) or a thoughtless one :P

    # Tanu

    what do you think should be other costs?

    Please feel free to innovate when you are managing the marks for someone :P

    # Shireena
    yes yes... totally !!!

    # Subbu
    yes, it can be extended :) I have initiated the thought bro... rest is upto someone who wants to really implement it :P

    X-rated :D funny situations !!! baat karte hain is baare mein soonest :P

  11. Nice thought..really liked those four lines at the begininning..
    wow, aap to shayar bhi ban gaye ji..lolz
    well honestly, if people actually follow this rulebook, Iam sure half of the ladies wouldnt look as beautiful as now(without the makeup obviously)
    while guys would look even more frustrated..
    but the roads anyday would look safer and better than now..

  12. Haha... this is insanely funny yaar...

  13. nice innovating thinking... :)... but ek question hai if both of you are bad drivers according to each one who is judge...

  14. # Vaishali

    shayar to hum bahut pehle se hain ji :) Shayari ka Muzaihra kabhi kabhi hi karte hain par :P

    If people actually follow this rule book, then maybe after weeks of no SEX and Makeup, people would starting making love, and look beautiful ( some women look too pretty without makeup; wonder what can make them drive better :P ) and in turn the roads would become better too :)

    # Akshay

    # Tootsy
    Phir to you are a match made in heaven.. what can lesser mortals like me say :D

  15. hahaha...very interesting and funny post. Agar humari sarkar Dilli ki road pe yeh lagu karde to wah...kitna maza aajaye. Main bina darey apni gaddi chala paongi...hehehe

    Tell me something were the lines in Hindi inspired by 'Jo biwi se kare pyar, woh prestige(or was it Hawkins?) se kaise kare inkaar'.
    Mere bachpan ka superhit ad tha...lol

  16. :) that was the source of inspiration... and it was prestige :)