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Back !!!!

I am back :)


3 days
40 hours of drive
Maximum altitude of 10276 ft.

Enjoy the pictures preview below, while I recover from fatigue and gain some strength to write a long post tomorrow !!!

I also tested a new PnS camera, the Panasonic Lumix TZ 5 (thanks Subbu and Deepu, for the help and discussions during the research time) and am very happy with it !!! The auto modes are excellent (though the print quality is not that great) and I am hoping MaPa would like to use it more often than not too ! The three pictures above, are from that camera!


  1. :) happy to see you back, bro.. and waiting for the blog.... congratz on the new PnS - a friend hv got it and he is very happy about that...

  2. Periwinkle? Stirs old memories.

  3. # Anoop...

    :) thanks... yea its a good camera... one of the nicest when it comes to auto modes :)

    # Anil...
    hmm... never seen here before ! welcome to my blog !

  4. You are welcome bro... that agarbatti smoke pic is my pick of the lot. Very nicely taken.

    Waiting for a detailed post.

  5. Welcome back bro...missed ya ! :)
    And some of those pics are heavenly!
    especially the one with the praying old man... Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  6. wowowow! good pics as usual :))

    where did u go?

    and that cam is cool ;) i think it will help me take better pics hehehe! [ but did u see the PRICE ... sigh]

    ok i knw that look on yur face ... 'camera doesnt help the technique is what is imp ' :D
    i knw i knw...but i can't help asking nay?!!

    i m stupid!!

    whats up otherwise?!

    u looking cool u knw :)

  7. # Subbu...
    it is a camera well taken re :)

    i wanted more clarity in that agarbatti picture, but the smoke was too light for me to focus properly :/

    detailed post over the weekend for sure !

    # Kshitiz...
    thanks bro...

    I so wish I had a sharp image of him, but this was the best I could manage with all the steam around :( the lens was hunting for focus but did not get it fine !

    more pictures coming up here soon !

    # Veens...

    I went to Badrinath..

    the cam is cool yes, and it might just help you take better pictures too :P but it focuses the way it likes and will not listen to you, so you might not be able to do all you want !!!

    and yes, camera does not make you a better photographer, but it sure can make you take better pictures :P

    nothing much happening, just catching up with friends !

    and thanks :)

  8. welcome hai :)
    good cam hai yeh.......waiting for detailed post :)

  9. Badrinath?? So your are not in US nemo ? Or are you coming back after your trip to India?

    I really had liked your pictures of chicago. I have visited chicago number of times but your pictures made me look at that city in a different light. The excitement , the admiration for something new and unique, the fresh outlook all comes thru your pictures. WHen we stay here we just seem to take things for granted. Thats why its necessary to look at one's city from a tourist's point of view.

    LOved the mountains.


  10. wow you lucky you,i hope you had a great time,the photos are fab as usual.am happy you are back.

  11. # Deepu...
    thanks bro...

    yes a very decent PnS

    # Vinita...
    I came back from the US and then went to Badrinath the second day and finally was back in NOIDA on thursday !

    Glad you liked the pictures from Chicago !

    # Megha...
    Arre lucky ke saath saath, tired and exhausted bhi :P


  12. I love this: नदी किनारे साँप है; अकेले अकेले चाय पीना पाप है
    काली माता आएगी, उठा के ले जायेगी !!!

    had been meaning to tell u bade din se ki ye tere liye apt hai jab dekho galat time pe chai ki pcis post karta hai :P

    ncie pics btw as always...especially the sulphur bath one...

  13. Nice to see you back from your trip...hope you had a lovely one. Absolutely stunned by your beautiful shots....Really like the man praying in the waters(great light and angle...i too wish it was more in focus) and ofcourse love the floral shots :)

  14. Liked all of them as always..but three favourite ones:
    1)Uncle ji in water
    2)Incense sticks
    3)Those bright orange flowers and the clear blue sky with half moon!!

  15. Oh! i forgot to mention..i like that Bandana and the guy wearing it too!!

  16. # Reeta...
    sorry hai ji and thank you hai :P

    # Shilpa...
    me too wishes that it was sharper, but the steam made my lens hunt for focus and missed the sharpness :(

    # Vaishali...

    the bandana guy is the coolest one :P

  17. all are nice pics.
    I liked that moon in day light one also.


  18. i hope you had a great time,the photos are fab as usual.am happy you are back.
    m fan of mount neelkanth... but liked all pics :)

  19. Oh maine to yeh post dekha hi nahi tha.. sahi hai..

  20. # Paavani...
    thanks dearo !!!

    this I guess is the first time ever that I have clicked the moon !

    # Swati..
    oh yes ! I had a lovely time !

    Neelkanth is such a wonderful mountain !

    # Tanu...
    thanks !