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a bLaSt a BuRsT and GiFTs !

Radha completed her 4 years with me in the last week of September and I wished her a belated happy birthday with the following gifts :)

- A set of 185/65 R14 Yokohama Avid H4s Tires
- A pair of 300W/100 RMS 3-way DS Series Rear Speakers from Kicker
- A Roots Wind tone horn !!!

She is moving much better, sounds like a dream ( though my previous Pioneer 2-way speakers were and are fantastic, but just some loose connections and worn out cables and magnet were distorting the sound too much) and the horn sounds much better... the previous windtone horn had one of the two components bad !!!

I also plan to replace the current Air-filter in my car with a K&N Air filter soonest ! Its a stock filter so I just have to buy it and replace the current filter with this one and its expected to increase the power of the car in addition to the fuel economy. Also whats interesting about these filters is that they can be reused after washing ! so you do not have to replace your air filter EVER !

Last night when I was coming back from a friend's place, the rear Tyre just burst into pieces and I do not really know why... and there is still some 30-40% tread left on it. All I know is that it could have been dangerous, but I was lucky not to get involved in an accident !

and if you did not know it yet, every tyre has 6 small triangles on the outer side facing towards the tread... just next to these triangles there is some extra rubber between the grooves and the sign to change the Tyre is when your Tyre is used enough that the grooves match the rubber next to these triangles !!! A normal Tyre usually would stay with you for some 40,000 kms in India if you are doing regular city driving and occasional off roads !!! rest depends on usage ! my tyres lasted me for about 55000 kms and looked good enough for another 2-3K but I decided to get all replaced together and used one of the better ones for the spare !!!

and a nice news (Thanks Amandeep and Priyanka) to end the weekend :

One of my pictures was printed in the latest edition of Tehelka. (Thank you Nithin Manayath and Tehelka; using a picture and giving the photographer the credit for it is an excellent practice which some of the leading newspapers do not follow these days; you guys have just earned a lot of respect from me for this activity). The picture is in reference to the Delhi Photographers on Facebook with a few words from Dinesh Khanna who is a fantastic photographer and the administrator of the group.


  1. Pinglek...meri jaan! :D

    Congrats murari and this is just one of the many many accoloades to come your way...

    God bless ya,

    hugs raise to the pwr 10 to the pwr 1729 :D

  2. awesomeeeeeeee and congrats...

    way to go...yeh to sirf beginning hai, agee agee dekho hota hai kya

    all the best again

  3. Congratulations on your picture being picked up tehelka and getting the due credit.

    How about writing a post about on your stay in US VS going back? What did you like and not like about US? (Except food and family)


  4. First of all belated happy birthday to your dearo Radha...
    May be that blast thing was just a way of expression of Radha's anger ,for not being with her on her birthday.. :P
    but on a serious note ,glad you are all save..it could have been something major..
    God Bless!!

    and wow..Tehelka ne to sachi mein Tehelka macha diya..
    Congratulations hai bada waala..
    May you have many such more your way..
    Stay Blessed!!!

  5. This post has been a pleasure to read,,,knowing abt tyre treads, and congrats on ur pic getting published,,,the hard work is showing,,I drove SX4 to office today and loved the drive,,

  6. neat - only, I would have picked up a hella reggrill or a Stebel nautilus insted of Roots wind tone... :)

    and about the K&N - would love to chat about it before you install it... :) drop me a mail or ping me @ G talk...

  7. # Bindiya...
    thanks dearo :D and sorry for keeping you awake to write this comment :P

    and I cannot get excel to calculate that number... ab kya karoon :/

    # Tanu...
    thank you hai ji aapko !

    haan beginning to hai... :)

    # Vinita...
    thanks re !

    I am planning to do that, after the Badrinath post...

    # Vaishali...

    the blast... well it was too much anger to handle if it really was :)

    # Ankur...
    thanks bro...

    SX4... hmm... I do not really like the rear of that car... its a li'il too high for a sedan to look appealing for me :P I have never been in one though... would love to see how it feels

    # Anoop...
    Both of those brands are not available here bro... I have seen only Roots everywhere in Delhi or I have not been to the right shops !!

    About the filter, sure we will talk. I am going to get it from the US only... so will talk to you before I am buying it... I do not have your gtalk id... mine is prashantbhardwaj [at] gmail

  8. "cannot get tht in excel" toh kya...still try 'n calculate! will help de-rust tht mind of urs! :D

  9. Nice! Congrats on the pic being on Tehelka. And can't wait to see (and hear) Radha again.

  10. 213196

    # Bindiya..
    theek hai... 10 saal mein karta hoon :d

    # Subbu...
    I am sure it was a random pick :) nothing great :) but well !! it did get picked :P

    Aaja jaldi.. you will love it !

  11. radha got good rubber now.......and kicker...u picked it from US ?
    congrats on the pic

  12. Yupp... the tires are good !! very soft and nice feel to the drive now...

    Kicker I got from Lajpat Nagar only!

    thanks bro :)

  13. great great!

    I too shud do a post on Netra soon .
    And congrats bro! Keep rocking!

  14. # Tushar...
    thanks bro..

    # Kshitiz...
    yupp you should :)

    thanks !

  15. Congratulations...well deserved :-)