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Why, Let there be light?

I have recently noticed (ok, not too recently) but I have noticed a unique design by Maruti Suzuki in their recent cars !

A small red light, at the lower end of the rear bumper in the center. It does not come on with the rear or the brake lights, but apparently has a separate switch to operate!

Now I am wondering what thought might have gone into putting a light there, just about 10 inches above the ground !!! The light at the rear top makes sense as it increases visibility from a distance, plus gives indication of applied brakes to vehicles which are relatively higher and following you at a very close distance and is a backup light just in case one of your bulbs for the brake lights is not working !

But this light in question, is only increasing costs, but making the bumper more customized, added light (prone to damage more often, while parking, backing up etc), extra wiring and above all, a stupid look...

Can someone help me make sense of that light please !

Having said that, I still love to drive my first Maruti 800, Tushar's old Zen and Aro's really old esteem ! What brilliant engines they are! For some, Maruti might have come a long way, but from where I see it, it produces much worse cars then it used to in terms of finish, durability, and build quality ! Swift, though really strange design ( strange fattish look, and extra small windows), is a car that I like because of the work inside the car, below the hood (a bit of my liking for swift is because of the FIAT diesel engine that it uses :P) Do read about the interesting design story for the SWIFT here, and check out the two door and convertible Swifts ! they look brilliant ! I just hope they improve the paint job on the Swift ! The red one looks like years old even after a few months !

Oh, and have a great week ahead ! the next week is just a few days away !


  1. itni raat to tu table aur gaadiyo ki technical details pe brood karra tha, mein socha kuch creative karra hoga :D

  2. well....another thing that is common across all new cars coming form maruti stable is small rear window which makes the interiors lil claustrophobic.
    Unfortunately there is no real competition of Swift D :(

  3. tum thode biased nahi ho swift ko lekar.. :)

  4. # Burf...
    Creative bhi kar raha thaa bhai...

    par I saw too many Maruti's with that stupid light on my way back today ! hence the post :)

    # Deepak...
    haan yaar... I noticed that the first time i test drove a Swift ! but the nicer thing about it is

    1. beter airconditioning in heat
    2. less glass flying around in case of an impact

    and you are right, we do not have much to choose from ! Me and Aro were discussing the Logan yesterday. I might do a test drive of it one of these days !

    # Slip...
    na na :) Like I said, I like that car from the inside ! but outside not really... I feel its like a big bubble over four wheels :P

    tu bata :D

  5. hm.. gave any thought to Indica Vista? take a test drive before you decide on any car...

    just asked a friend who drives swift - he says itz not a light, but a reflector. I dont know why you should have a reflector so low to the ground....

  6. ahh,

    nice topic, post & discussion
    But red is hot selling color of swift.

    And what you say about DZire.


  7. # Anoop...
    ofcourse :) when I am buying a car I would drive every possible option :) I have seen Vista from behind and I liked the design change. Will check it out sometime. It also uses the same engine as FIAT diesel so I am more than convinced on the performance... The only thing TATA lacks is the finish and build quality !

    I think the top end version has a light, because I have seen that on both in Wagon R and Swift. Even I do not know what benefit that reflector/light would have !

    # Paavani...
    Red does sell hott !!! Honestly speaking, I have seen my 3+ years old palio shining better than a 6 month old swift ! Either the paint dulls off too soon, or the people take their cars too lightly !

    Like I said, I like what swift has to offer inside the hood and ditto is the case with Dzire. But I really do not think highly of the Dzire's exteriors! I think Suzuki, sells because its a Maruti Suzuki more instead of it being a good/ better car.

  8. Becaaz hatch utha ke drive karoge to beech waale brake lights nehi dikhenge! Uske liye alternate light! Simple.

  9. Isko kehte hain warped logic. Jab tak koi plausible answer nehi milta.... is logic se hi kaam chala lete hain.