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We the PEOPLE !

1. We follow instructions...

  • That is why once someone reads "Horn Please" behind a truck or a tempo, we just do not stop following that instruction EVER !! We will "horn" please anytime every-time.
  • We wear helmets because the sign says Wear Helmets. And not because they would really save our heads !

2. Lane driving is Sane Driving,

  • And we prove our sanity in ways (read lanes) more than one... every now and then we want to drive in a different lane to ensure the sanity of that lane as well.
  • There are times, when we are proving our sanity in lanes more than one together !

3. We are good followers and have amazing leaders...

  • Nothing else can explain what happened in Rajasthan when Gurjars were down on the streets with the reservation issue. I doubt if most of the people really knew what they were agitating for.
  • The MNS people beating up people who came for the railways examinations in Maharashtra and many more such incidents

4. We are very loving parents

  • That's why we let our kids sit in front of us between the steering when we are driving a car... After all, the kid should also enjoy the entire experience like he wants...
  • And ditto for the kids standing on the small platform on scooters and sitting on the petrol tanks of the motor cycles

5. We feel ownership every thing for the public in the country...

  • That is why we can spit anywhere, or pee in any corner
  • That is why we park any (possible) where on the road
  • That is why we are more than comfortable in damaging or destroying anything that is meant for the public

6. We know how to get things done

  • We can burn railway coaches, and stop all traffic...
  • We can break glasses and throw stones at everyone around to prove a point...
  • If people in a state beat my state people up, I would go ahead and burn everything that I can in my state too... Fantastic solution providers too... simple eh!

7. We are aware of everything latest happening around thanks to our media...

  • One incident and the TV news would point a question mark at the entire city, at the entire departments... I used to like India TV when it started, but now I have started hating it to the core... I think they are doing a fantastic job of scaring the shit out of people who watch it !!! Way to go !! Its surprising how they can make scary news out of Absolutely EVERYTHING !!!

8. We can let go of things...

  • That's why we forget if Arushi's murder is even worth thinking about now?
  • That's why we do not remember that people die in road accidents and that when we drive like crazy we are putting someone else's life at stake in addition to ours, exactly how a driver somewhere else would put our family's life at stake only because his car/jeep/truck can move faster and faster!
  • That's why no one really talks about the effort that most of the people other than Gandhi did for the independence of the country, except on their birthdays and death anniversaries... I wish to see a Rs. 10 note with the photo of Chandrashekhar Azar or Bhagat Singh or Subhash Chandra Bose or someone else one day !!!

9. We are sensitive people...

  • Does not matter who gets killed, till its one of my own I would not really understand! And it its someone I know or close to me, my anger would know no limits !!!
  • We are too sensitive to our religion, and would be more than quick to point a finger at someone else.

10. We believe in saving fuel...
  • That is why we do not like to stop at traffic lights, idling would waste fuel... so we just move on... that also helps us build our driving capabilities bigg time !!
We the people !!!

This is me, you, and a lot of people around us! and if this post offends you in some way, please do try to make a change someway or the other !!

Stop your brother, sister, relative, father, son, friend from doing something that is not right! Make a genuine attempt to give something back to the country, by at-least following some simple rules and basic manners!

I hope things would change, but I am scared too!


  1. i hope things would change.. an I consciously make an effort to bring small small changes I can... TOTALLY agree with point c of bullet 8 - not that I dont agree with anything else - I do agree with all the points you have posted, and hope one person at a time, will bring some changes...

  2. Good to know that we still have some educated(not litterate) lot amongest us..people like you, who care and make an sincere effort to change things around..
    Agree with almost all of them..to add on..we wear helmets and seat belts just coz of the fear of getting a ticket, and not for our own safety..I know people who wear seat belts when they see Traffic police officer..

    Lane driving is anyways an alien word for Indians, but they really know how to take ownership of the public stuff..lolz..

    As said earlier as well..8 (c) is the best picked out, not just currency notes..but somehow Indians are so impressed with the whole Gandhi family, that all the major roads, buildings,Airports,Railway Stations are named after them..Wonder, are they seriously worth all that..phew..

  3. he he :)...sorry for laughing but I think it's easier for me deal with such frustration's...

    Change to hoga jab hoga...

    But I really wish I see some other faces on Indian Currency....:)

  4. hoga hoga, dheere dheere sab hoga.

  5. When like minded people collaborate ... things DO change.
    When someone takes the initiative, ... there are people who follow.
    When there is a sincere effort by someone... there is always a reward for it.
    Just that sometimes it comes after a long wait.

    It's time that words be put into actions. And I am sure there are people who are working towards it. If not, I am sure this post would have some new people think about it.

    Thanks for putting this post.
    While I agree to all of it, and perhaps been guilty on doing some of those things myself, I do realize a lot of things that can, should and need to change.

    And ya.. GandhiJi is a bit overdone on Indian Currency! Let's put a petition to the mint and the Government to recognize the other architects of the Indian Freedom. This bears significance, as I recently read that the govt is coming up with a N series 10 Rs notes. Initially was excited that the note would be of a new design, but the article said that the Gandhi's face would remain and that this was just a new series. Not that I have anything against him, just that i feel he is a bit overdone.

    With the current state of affairs in the country and the violences, rapes, blasts, economy, murders, etc, I think just having his face on the notes is NOT enough to propagate the values that he stood by.

  6. # Anoop
    that's exactly what we need... everything making a change in the way they are, and at the same time influencing whoever they can for good !

    1 makes 10 do it, 10 make 100 do it... it can work !

    # Vaishali
    there are many... and its not about me, its about us...

    I do not think its the Indians who are impressed with the Gandhi family, read and find out more, and you will only realise that this family is done as much damage to the country as anyone else. In addition to keeping a lot of other great leaders at bay !

    # Tanu
    I was expecting a laugh only from you :)

    and its not about the dealing with such frustrations easy or difficult, once here, you tend to live with them after accepting them as a part of your life...

    # Kashmira
    I hope so... wapas aao and make some change happen as well. The country needs its people to come back and bring a change with them !

    # Kshitiz
    I agree they do... I see more people respecting pedestrians, some even stopping at traffic lights in the middle of the night

    Having said that, the rate at which the improvement in people is happening is much less than the rate at which idiots are coming up ! the graphs are so different :)

    And yes, there are people who are working towards it... and personally I feel its a complete lack of a governance model in the country !!! we have rules for almost everything, but we are also in a position to completely forget about them, that's to a rather weak governance !

    Hence a lot of responsibility of making the change comes to people who would like to bring about it ! and I am glad that people I talk to, and I know are them !

    I have a few thoughts around the currency part, and I am deferring my actions till I relocate back to Delhi so that I can follow up on those properly.

    Who knows if he even stood by the values that he talked about ! there is lot that we do not even know !

  7. hi.. nice post! :)
    got here thru inktales.

  8. Too many people playing on the differences between people - Gujjars, Gorkhaland, Biharis, Marathis... look at the number of local political parties / groups... sometimes I wonder if it is possible to carry on like this?

  9. achhii baat hai :) agar pako pata tha ki humm hasengee

    hum to sirf 'comedy circus' mein yakiin kartein hain..baki saab waste of time.. hai :)

  10. yeh Shiv ji ki teesari aankh kisne kholi ???

  11. # Tunna...
    general thoughts hain yaar... nothing triggered them, but wanted to get the words out of my system !

  12. # Ramya...

    Glad you are here... welcome to Chai Ki Dukaan !

    # Subbu...
    you bet... too many of them trying to make the gaps wider !!! every single state this is happening now !!!

    Lets see... We have carried on for a long time... I hope we do that for longer !

    # Tanu...
    I do not really like this attitude, but will leave this for an offline discussion sometime !

  13. sexy post... i loved the pun part in it.. :) keep riting such stuff...

  14. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/World/USA/Move_over_America_We_can_too/articleshow/3690062.cms

    This is a nice follow up to this post. I was constantly remembering this post when reading the article.