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Satellite Radio facing the Music !

Worldspace today filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, under which they would either sell the company or do some re-org !

The satellite radio service never really picked up in India anyway! We are not really game for paying a monthly subscription for music, specially when there is so much available for free !

Having said that, some of the channels over Worldspace are too unbelievably fantastic, the Hindi classics, the rock, the dance music ! But there is a whole lot of junk as well in the 40 channels they were offering. I hope with time, we can pick and choose and play the channels and pay only for the usage instead of paying a fixed subsription. And not to forget mobile satellite reception for music, instead of the bigger fixed boxes !

I am waiting !


  1. it was in my 'to do' list - to get a worldspace connection.. now seems like I better wait for more time before investing ;)

  2. Is that so? Airtel DTH just announced that WorldSpace service is included in their product bouquet!

  3. i thought so! your comment 'hmm' on my blog made me think that you really like the daily life things! they're coming, they're coming :)

  4. Paying for music is something that most are averse too!

    I was a Worldspace subscriber for around 6 months and simply loved it. The content/presentation is far superior than any radio channel in the country.

    Guess Airtel is gonna come to the rescue for them in India. btw, the user base in India is ~1.6 lacs

  5. # Anoop..
    its in my list too... will get it for sure !

    I do not think the service is going to stop... it might come under a different brandname though

    # Subbu
    yea... I think the worldspace service would continue, but they still have filed for the debt they have

    # Soo
    :) I am waiting I am waiting :)

    # Sangfroid
    yea you bet !

    I have heard worldspace on a few channels and really liked it... its like Blue Ray of Video :)

    The user base is huge in Asia too.. I hope it stays around and comes up with some innovating solutions too...