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Tea Time Cousins !

Met them at a Chai Ki Dukaan ( Tea Stall) in Badrinath Puri.

No trip is complete, rather starts for me if there is no TEA... a good tea to start the day and things look much brighter :)

These kettles are very common all across north India for keeping the tea warm (tea is kept in them and then on the stove) and serving. The nice steaming tea coming out of the nicely curved nose of the kettle falling into a cup or a kulhad is such a delight to watch !!! (Like the picture on the top right corner of this page)

and Pouring tea using these kettles is an art too, the angle of inclination, the time, the distance from the cup, all play a role together for one to have a delightful Cha(ie)xperience :)

(Not posting this one on the Chaya Chitralaya Blog)


  1. I want to go to India .. ABHI!
    Right now!
    Why do you do this mr..


    Nice shot!

  2. And i read this post while i'm having my cup of tea in office :) Refreshing indeed!

  3. :) nice... evokes lot of nice memories...

  4. yeah, in india if you are travelling and not enjoying a cup of tea from local vendors.
    than there some prob :D


  5. like kshitiz said,why do you do this.i am these days really wanting to escape the western world and enjoy the simple things in india.
    love the pic.

  6. Nice... did you know I have one at home?

  7. # Kshitiz...
    hehehe... I am laughing a evil laughter right now :D

    # Bhoomi...
    :) fantastico..

    # Anoop...
    thanks bro..

    # Paavani...
    you bet. this is one thing that I never miss :)

    # Swati..

    # Megha..
    now I am enjoying it for both of you :) enjoy it with me please :)

    thanks !

    # Tanu...
    yea !

    # Subbu...
    arre sahi hai bhai... main bhi soch raha hon ek le lunga... choti wali :)

  8. hee hee.. they look so cute. Sitting next to each other ..two cutie petuties.

    I am a teapot fat and stout
    Here is my handle here is my spout

    Rest I forgot. but if a chubby cuddly cute kid says it (btw all the kids are cute)....

    It will always remind me of this picture.. heheh so cute.


  9. Have been a fairly regular reader of ur blog for sometime now and the description of ur trip to Shri Badrinath just reminds me of the trip to Shri Badrinath and Shri Kedarnath, i undertook a couple of years back.

    Believe me the 14 km trek from Gaurikund is amazzzzing and gives u ample time time to rejuvenate from the fast-paced life of metros.
    And the most enjoyable part of the trek is the last 1 km,when u become really tired but still clinging on the hope to do the 'darshan' u somehow force urself to keep walking.And then comes the information that the temple is more than 1km inside the town !!!!!.It is certainly at that point u feel like just laying down,even if u r standing in the middle of the road :) !!!
    I strongly reccomend u to go to the shrine of Badrinath and Kedarnath at a single go and witness the pristine,mesmerizing and enchanting beauty of the Himalayas.

  10. Your travel stories always makes me wanna pack my bags and leave ... Alas! Can't do that =( someday for sure when I finish my masters and take a trip =)

    Again, really nice pictures... beautifully taken =)

    Thanks for sharing =)

  11. # Anony
    I have been only to the Valley of Flowers trek in Uttarakhand so far and someday will do the trek that you mentioned ! its been there on the list for a long time now !

    # Neeku
    good luck for all your travel plans :)

    and thanks !