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Fall of Winter !

Its interesting, rather very interesting how the small snow flakes keep floating around you, and then come stick to you when a gush of wind brings them closer... You can even see the shape, thanks to the larger ones, and just admire this careless flowing around of pure white particles all around with silence!

No, it did not snow much last week, but this sunday morning, I could see the small whites flowing all around... It was beautiful, but the wind makes it very hard to enjoy anything, and all you want to do is rush back home !

I am living not too far away from the office, just about 10 minutes away on foot... and I am wondering how would it be to walk around when its just snow all around !

I am not too far away from the Lake Michigan either... I see it everyday from the 13th floor of my office building, and the calmness of water and the view of the lake is beyond words !

Its been a crazy time so far... so many things to do, and so little time ! But thankfully, everything is falling into place... I have a new apartment... nice, big, without a view though... I still do not have any internet connection at home... and nothing to boil water to make tea in :P Though I think putting some water in the cup and using the microwave is an option too !
Also, a photography exhibition is on, in Delhi these days... and it has 5 of my prints on display too... Please do visit if you have sometime ! I have not been able to see it myself, but I was really very very happy to the large prints !!! They looked fantastic !!! Not sure how they are looking after being framed though !

More details HERE and HERE


  1. when there is no wind, and there is fresh snow on the ground, it is amazingly QUIET. No birds twittering, no leaves rustling. Most beautiful thing ever!

    yeah, just do that till you get something to boil water in...put water and chai patti in a cup in the mwave.

    And CONGRATULATIONS for your pictures! Way to go!!!

  2. Falling snow...lovely...you do need a nice hot cup of tea.....so here is what you could do:

    In a microwavable cup or any container that you have put in a tea bag (less messy than loose leaves) of darjeeling :)) ..or any other available...add water...little more than needed since the the tea bag soaks up quite a bit...add milk according to taste....some crushed elaichi if available :))..nuke this mix in the micro...for a minute or a little more (over time you will discover the exact amount of time)...really depends on the power in your micro...pull out the cup/mug from the micro...take the bag out with a spoon...and now the art of this ...wrap the string of the tea-bag around the shallow cup of the spoon and squeeze the juices out of the bag,..dispose the bag....add sugar to taste...think of all your friends missing you back home...smile take a sip.....voila... a sweet delicious cuppa hot tea for the fav chai wala :)))...enjoy

  3. chai ache se ban jati hai microwave main........try it.......

  4. btw prints looked excellent....i am sure after framing they would be looking great.....would try to catch it......office is little hectic till 19th

  5. Wow..snow fall..amazing..I always wanted to see one (its funny and weird,but I have never seen it happening, though I have seen snow around me)

    Joy has given in a wonderful detailed procedure of making tea..iam sure it will help!!

    Someone's going places..whaoo!!
    The exibition happens at a very close place from my office..would make it there if possible..All the very best!!

  6. # Kashmira...
    I am sure... Really looking forward to that experience... Last year the snowfall here in Milwaukee was more than EVER, lets see how it is this time around !!

    Thanks :)

    # Joy...
    I have the tea bag, I have the milk, and I have the sugar, and I have the spoon..

    and guess what, I always do that thread rolling thing when I make tea from the tea bag :) par jo sala ubli hui chai mein maza hai, wo aisee mein nahin !!!

    I am going to try this soon... maybe tonight itself and see how it goes :)

    thank you hai bada wala :)

    # Deepu...
    haan bhai, ban to jaati hai... par wo maza nahin aata... dekhta hoon phir se try karke..

    and the prints on display in the exhibition are 16"X24"... they are looking brilliant printed that large... see if you can make it... it would be great...

    # Vaishali...
    I was lucky enough to see the snowfall for about 10 minutes on a trip to Shimla, long time back !!! and then got caught in a snow storm on a trip to tungnath... Which was kinda fun and scary both !!

    and now I am here, the snow land :D lets see how it goes !!!

    Yea, I am going to make some tea soon !

    And please do go to the exhibition.. see how you like it !

  7. oh yeah,last year was wayyy too much snow. my sister lives in ohio, and there was so much snow, her husband and kids were sledding in their front yard! and at one point they even decided to slide off the roof!

  8. Arre Sahi !!!

    I might do that this year :D

  9. haha, hope you find a low enough roof. will send you their pics...totally hilarious!

  10. yeah, I read your name in some group mails.
    Thats great.

    Will try to check the exhibition.

  11. # Kashmira...
    hehehe.. i will find a low roof :) or hope for a heavy snowfall :D

    Looks like I would need to get a new pair of snow shoes too

    # Paavani..
    thanks Paavani...

    It would be great if you could go and also tell me how it was..

    # Nida...
    shukriya marah !