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Gorgeous !

What is it that makes women look amazingly beautiful when the breeze plays around with their hair? and when they decide to just come in front of the face?

I live in a windy part of the city in Milwaukee, and every morning when I come to the office, I see a number of them walking, with the hair freely tossed around by the wind... (I guess they have not started feeling too cold yet, good for me :) ) and they just look gorgeous !


  1. Thank you sir
    for admiring
    the beauty so
    you are wooing gal's
    these days humm ...???


  2. @ Princess...

    How cewl would that be? :)

    But the truth is that

    1. I do not get any time off work to woo any of the gorgeous women around. I leave home at 0715 in the morning and come back only around 6...

    2. I have this amazing super power of being invisible... and this works when I am in the firangland :P Women here just don't seem me :P

  3. Hmm..now thats some observation!!

  4. That's something which cannot be missed EVER :)

  5. :)That's a lovely post prashant. One thing i appreciate is that you see beauty in everything, every small thing that mostly goes unnoticed.

  6. :) wind tossed hair looks nice on girls...

  7. make hay while the wind blows ;)

  8. every gal is beautiful.. depends on when u look at her what time and circumstances...

  9. ek photo ajata udti chunchul zulfon ka to kia hi baat hoti Marah ;)

  10. lovely post re Prashant..kiththe ladkiya hai tumare list main oh secret admirer..:)

  11. # Paavani..

    # Anony...
    everything is so beautiful that its hard to miss :)

    # Anoop
    :) you bet

    # Bhoomi
    :) hehe

    # Slip
    you are right...

    # Nida
    :) foto nahin kheech raha hoon aajkal

    # Abhi

    # Subbu
    sigh ! :)

    # Sapna...
    thanks... :)

  12. Aah Appreciating the finer things of nature.. :)