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5 things you (might not) know !

Random things are really not that random if you climb a few stairs up and them see them... It all seems to fall in perspective of the person.. but then for the sake of a tag, let me still call the following 5 Random Facts about me !!! (I think I am supposed to write 7, but I will pass with 5 :)

So thanks to Vineeta or Nairvee, here we go ! 5 things about me, which you might or might not have known ! (I have been asking her to write something for Chai Ki Dukaan, and now I can be after her life to write it :P)

1. I can never get over how beautiful mountains look... Every single time you see them, you can see something different, some more majestic and grand than every before...

2. I can still not figure out what is my favorite element from the PanchTatva... The Fire, The Water, The Sky, The Wind or the Earth... Is my love for my village related to Earth, or The way I can keep looking at the sky for ages, represents my love for the Sky? or the fact that I feel Fire is one of the most exciting things to look at, proves that I love FIRE !!! not sure... But the fact is all of these elements can feel so delicate, so pure and harmless at one point of time, and at the other make you feel like a nothing in front of them !!!

3. My love from photography comes from my love for people... I enjoy getting involved in conversations when I am travelling more than taking pictures, and these conversations make me click !!! the mood at a tea stall, the people in a bus, passengers at a railway station... are the people that I like to first, before taking a picture of them...

4. Joy in my life comes from the small and simpler things ! talking to kids on the streets, walking around with a friend, getting a call from a friend i have been missing, doing something for someone i like, and so on a so forth...

5. I don't know how to react to surprises... Even if I am very happy, I cannot really express it if I am surprised at the same time.. the Irony is that I might look totally blank and speachless when a surprise is thrown at me !!

Done Dana Done Done !!!

Khush Vinnie the pooh?


  1. I knew 4 out of the 5. So that means that you need to write 4 more.

  2. Oye... even before I saw Richa's comment, I thought I would write a similar comment. Very poetic, very touching points... but anyone who knows you will know these things!

    Post rejected. Write again :P

  3. haha.

    Yeah most of these are known already.

    But its ok. Its means how transperent you are and no dual character :)

  4. Agree with Richa & Subbu - Doobara likh Murari... :)

  5. :) nice to know more, bro .. :-D

  6. ditto everyone above :))...what is it that we don't know??? hmmmm?? :)

    do share if you can get time to get your head out of work and get into your heads deep recesses :)

  7. Seems like so many people already know you so well!!

  8. Keep aside the facts, i especially enjoyed the pics :)

  9. # Richa...
    but these were not supposed to be secrets :) they are just random facts about me...

    good you know them :) you know a lot more !!

    # Subbu...
    hehehe... right... i chose the easy way out and did not write anything which might be a surprise :D

    abe... what rejected :) these are facts !! you already knowing them is good :)

    # Paavani...
    yea... glad you feel that way :)

    # Baandri..
    sorry to have missed your call re.. was in a meeting !

    Dubara nahin likhunga ji !

    # Anoop...
    you did not know these :D !!! post successfull !!! :D

    # Joy...

    I might write more :) there is so much factual information that I cannot even remember it all the time :D

    # Vaishali...
    yea, they know me as well as I'd like them to know me :D I am smart :)

    # Bhoomi...
    :) glad you did :)

  10. nice...nice...yeh saab to patahi nahi tha...!!!!!!came to know a new Om :)

  11. # Tanu...

    Really? !!!

    welcome to my world then :)

  12. Really?? wow! I'd have never known if not for this post. :) I agree with #2 about panch tatva.

  13. # Kanan...
    so now you know more :)

    # Neeku...
    :) thanks :)

  14. Hi,
    I am a complete stranger to you and so perhaps my comment would look odd here. but I follow your flicr account, almost regularly and after reading the third point in this post where you write that you talk to people first before clicking them, I suddenly felt like writing this.I am not a photographer, so cant really comment on the hues, color etc. ...but the life therein, anyone could connect to for sure. The animate expression on the faces of people is apparently preceded by a random conversation, or a pep talk who knows.I don't know how you could easily strike a chord with strangers you meet on the way, but that definitely reflects rich in your pictures....and not only people, I somehow believe you could talk to dew and rains and birds and fallen leaves too, for every thing you clicked looks stored in thoughts and not only framed in pictures. Many a times I actually touch those photos trying to feel how the person looking at them from behind the camera might have felt,and many a times I can sense the dew from the flower on my finger tips and hear those bells or feel that sunset around.I don't know why you call them stills, when the mind immediately makes a sketch of the moment that would follow the one captured in the pic. However, photography is not my forte, so I can only keep wondering.
    Keep the magic on Prashant, it is always soothing to look at your work.
    God bless,

    a fan of yours.

  15. Bohut Khus :) I didn't even know you wrote the tagged post & thank god i just checked. And I can see your fan club is growing :) And one of these days I have promised myself to write my letter for your blog. This post made a good read & I didn't know you struck up a conversation before clicking.
    And i am enjoying my new DSLR immensely and I am so grateful that you helped me through the process of picking it up! :)

  16. # Anony...
    These are some of the nicest words someone has written for me ever !

    Thanks ! I am overwhelmed !

    # Vinnee...
    :) you better write a letter soon !

    I do like to talk and be a part of the place as much as I can more before taking pictures... it keeps them more real than just candids !

  17. Great to know these things Prashant:=)

    Stunning photos as usual:-)