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I have never liked meetings... more often than not, not much comes out of them as a result except some sleepy heads, lost faces, messy notes etc... and looks like I am going to be attending/driving/managing meetings for atleast 80% of my time, if not any less !!!

I am not used to this... but so far the account looks pretty bright for me personally... at the same time there is much going on in the small head of mine ! Not having some of my friends around to talk it out, is bad !!!

Chai Ki Dukaan would see much reduced activity from me in the next few days, while I try to settle down in Milwaukee... Catch you later and thanks for reading !


  1. :) you can do it :)))...real friends are never too far.....

  2. You and no friends, just cant happen.

  3. in such a situation, u need to blog more often. will make you feel closer to your friends :)

  4. Yes we can !
    Change is come to America.

  5. bhai me still at this end of the speaker, whether phone or computerrrrrr!

  6. Just a phase..will pass off soon..well Iam sure, you havent written this post to get any GYAN(I know you dont need any,and i dont want to give you any), probably just wanted it to share with people you know..

    so all the best!!
    U'll come outta it soon..

  7. # Joy...
    Lets face it :) at times they are ! :)

    but yes, they are not really "too" far :P

    # Anony
    read what i wrote again

    # Bhoomi...
    :) hehehe.. blogging will take a back seat because of the super load of work at office.. nothing else :) I cannot stay away from the Chai Ki Dukaan anyway :)

    # Anoop
    thanks bro

    # Kshitiz..

    ! ?

    # Abhi...
    tu to family hai mere bhai :)

    # Vaishali
    yea it will... just that Chai ki dukaan is more of a mind dump... it helps me feel better when i write something down here !!! my place to be honest with myself !

  8. point noted in para two !!!
    all the best

  9. Its getting cold now... Fall colors are still around... and very beautiful :)