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I say...

Never say No, coz you Never Know !


  1. Probably I don't understand the context, because I think saying "No" appropriately and assertively is a very important aspect of communication.

  2. Yeah, its like tempting fate! Say it and the next thing you know circumstances are making you do that exact thing!

  3. i say, Say no when you Have to say no, Otherwise you will repent for life

  4. its a lesson learned hard way for me... so yaa.. I totally agree !

  5. No ...huh very hard word.
    but when i say No
    that is absoulte 'NO'
    and now i know when and where to say this NO
    kafi mushkil say seekha hai No bolna

  6. Hmm..
    but dont worry, life would give you another chance and for good!!
    Hope for the best..and say "yes" from now on!!

  7. saying no is bit complex.
    as you never know.
    so when on dont knw, just can say no :)

  8. And I read somewhere that saying "no" is an art!! :)

  9. # Slip...

    # Subbu...
    nai bhai, I was not talking about transactions in your day to day life !!! I was talking about saying no to life, coz you never know what's in store for ya'

    # Kashmira..
    you got the point there

    # Anony...
    is that a warning or a suggestion :D

    # neeku
    I guess we all do learn our lessons the hard way... there is no easy way to learn.. if there is one, we usually do not value it anyway !

    # Tushar..

    # Anoop

    # Nida...
    you took this statement for transactions like Subbu did... i am in agreement to what you said, but thats not the context I wrote this in

    # Vaishali..
    did it sound like i was worried? thats the last thing on my mind these days, rather for a very long time !

    Also you never know if you get second chance... trust me you never do !!!

    but then, hope for the best, be prepared for the worst !

    # Fighter Jet...
    you bet

    # Paavani

    # Sam
    to life? teach me that art :) good to see you here after a while !

  10. i have very mixed feelings about this...i`d` say no but not burn my bridges..cos u never know!!