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Went to be a newton, came back with apples!

So I went to an Apple farm to wait below a tree and see if an apple falls on my head and I can figure something better than Gravity!!! but the trees were so small... I wonder how Newton was sitting under an apple tree... there was no place to sit below any of those trees for sure!!! :)

So I did the next best thing, picked apples!

It was fun to walk around trees trying to find apples... there were 1000s of them lying all around the farm as well...

The apples varieties that we finally managed in our bag were
1. Golden Delicious
2. Red Delicious
3. Cortland, and
4. Ida Red

Did I mention
we went around the farm looking for a pumpkin too?

Rachel, the most experienced of us three! She has done it once before! and managed to see the best apples!

Stephenie, my next door neighbor! She was very excited to be there in the farm! and so were me and Rachel!

I did not do anything to the color or sky in this photograph! It just came out so amazing!! And these are the Golden Delicious

I say these were apples too! but Stephenie and Rachel won't agree!

Stephenie trying to reach out to an apple she noticed!

Rachel was more than happy to climb up a ladder to get us the best of the lot from that tree!

And trying to reach out to some more apples!

Don't remember which one these were! Ida Red or Red Delicious!

Stephenie again, trying to figure her way out of the trees!

Red Apples, Green leaves, Blue Sky! perfect day to be out!

This is us trying to pick a pumpkin for Stephenie! According to her, since the time she was a kid, Pumpkins talk to her and she knows which one to pick! and guess what! her pumpkin did find her this afternoon!

Me being clicked when I was shooting!

More pumpkins and more apples...

Once we had a bagfull of apples, we went to the sales shop inside the barn!

Apple sorting in progress!

Fall colors against an old barn wall! always looks good!

Fresh nice juicy red apples from the farm!!!

Stephenie again!!!

There were these huge pumpkins for sale as well!!!

The visit to the farm ended with some delicious apple caramels!!! First timer to these, I never knew that within the caramel wrap, there is an apple! Caramel and apple taste very nice together!

And this is the guard Golden Retriever, enjoying a pat and affection by Rachel!!!

What surprised me today was that these apples were so amazingly shiny... I used to think that the reason why the apples shine so much on the shelves in superstores is that they are polished and all, but I saw that all you need to do it clean off the apple, and it shines like a beauty!!! no need to add wax at all! In the photograph above, there is a small portion that is cleaned up and see how it shines!

And I got a pumpkin for myself too! I am going to carve it for Halloween!!! Told Rachel and Stephenie the story of how Ganesha got his elephant head and what Diwali is all about!!!

All in all a excellent Diwali weekend!!! Thank you Uncle God!!!


  1. what an absolutely superb day!!!...and loved the pics...you told a good story here.....

    gorgeous apples too..so how many did you eventually get to bring back home???

    looking forward to...your halloween experience now !! :)))

  2. This looks so much FUN!
    Lovely photographs:)

  3. Beautiful pics as usual!

    Nice smile Steph!

    And why haven't you clicked any photos of yourself, Mr. Newton?

  4. Wow..that was Brilliant..post ka idea hi itna brilliant hai!!
    pics achi lagi..Where's the picture that Stephanie clicked..I mean your pic..you arent there in any of them??

  5. The photos are awesome.
    Can't stop thinking about the caramel apple though! Slurp! Slurp! :D

  6. Youmake me jealous every time I visit your space.. ;)
    Hope you had a great Diwali..

  7. aaah...apple picking fest!!! i miss it.. and those caramels too..

    great shots and happy that you had fun!

  8. @ Joy
    yea... it was a nice day... perfect fall day actually!!!

    We managed to get about 22 apples in the small bag!!!

    I have a pumpkin... need to get some carving knifes and make a face out of it :)

    @ Swati
    yea, it sure was fun!!

    @ Meena

    I do not click myself... very unlikely specially when I am outside

    @ Vaishali
    thanks!!! :) that newton thing is what you are talking about! is it?

    I do not know about her pictures... she should send me some, soon!

    @ Jas
    thanks!!! it was very nice re!!! did not expect it to be this good!

    @ Sam
    mission accompalished :D

    @ Geet
    it was not really a fest actually... just a farm where they let people pick their own apples... lots of fun!!!

    I am glad that the weekend turned out to be a unique one!!! and I am happy that you are happy!

  9. haan wohi..mere gauv main ek weekend per chale jaate hain and they call it apple picking fest.. :)

  10. oyi lovely post this...
    wwwwwaaaoowww @ punpkins :D interesting!

  11. dude...Newton discovered gravity you discovered anti-gravity . Now all you have to do is to write a paper which nobody should understand and you are made my friend....

  12. @ Geet
    ah alright :)

    @ Reeta

    @ Aro
    bhai... saath mein likhte hain... tu wo theory of confusions add kar dena isme... noble prize milega pakka!!!

  13. Brilliant blog. I had agr8 time just looking at the pictures and reading it. You would have had some fantastic time. Thank you Ashish for sending the link.