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Patekar Barishkar!

ध्रिष्ट्ध्युमं पद्मनाभ प्रजापति नीलकंठ धूमकेतु बारिशकर (Dhristdhyumna Padmanaabh Prajapati Neelkanth Dhoomketu Barishkar)is one of my favorite names and characters in Hindi Cinema!!! I remember trying to recall his complete name in the movie so many times in college....

For the ones who do not know or do not remember, this was the on-screen name of Nana Patekar's character in "थोड़ा सा रूमानी हो जाएँ" (Thoda sa Romani ho Jayen). The movie was directed by Amol Palekar and released in 1990.

Enjoy Nana's entry in the movie about 2 minutes into the clip below... If possible, do try to get hold of the movie and watch it too (its on youtube too).. will take some mood to enjoy the movie, but its fantastic!


  1. Wow..I never knew,about any such movie or the name!!

  2. Aur PB..tumhe uska naam kaise yaad hua..mujhe to samjh bhi nahin aaya..itni tez to bol jata hai,itni jaldi!!

  3. It is a very beautiful movie! Take sometime off things and watch it!

    About the name, I must have said it a few 1000 times to remember it right... and I still missed the word Prajapati from it! duh!!!

  4. never heard of this movie.... will watch it...

    but name is kewl :D

  5. wiki says its a remake of 'the rain maker' movie. have watched rain maker,it was great. will watch this too!

  6. @ Chakoli
    you should !!!!

    yea.. the name is amazing!

    @ Geet
    yupp it is... but not the Matt Demon one... its an Indian remake of the 1956 Rainmaker!

  7. hunji poorani hi dekhi hai..never knew mat damon is in the new one, ab to wo bhi dekhni padegi!