Random images from my flickr stream...



शुभ दीपावली

Hope this Diwali

You feel rested and relaxed...

You find peace, outside and within...

And you make memories that you can save for life in a glass bottle :)!!!

Happy Diwali folks !!!!


  1. Happy Diwali to you too..love those pics..specially the last one..wow..u clicked them all??

  2. Same to you Vaishali!!!

    Thank you for being around for so many diwalis here on Chai ki Dukaan :)

    yes, I was playing around with my Diwali lights last night for these photographs!!!

  3. ))))

    I love CKD..love being here..visitng this page!!its part of my daily schedule now..I visit it atleast once a day !!
    Thanks for the ever intresting stuff here!!
    And those pics are simply wow!!
    Really innovative :-))

  4. A very very Happy Diwali 2 u.And the pics are realy nice.
    from Aanya

  5. Lovely pictures! I'd once done an experiment similar to your last picture here. But I like yours more. :-)

    Happy Diwali once again! :-)

  6. Wish you a very happy Diwali. God bless you and the fellow visitors on CKD.

    The photos are awesome!:)

  7. This is AWESOME Omzi :))

    A very happy Diwali to you too :)

  8. @ Vaishali
    I am glad to read this :)

    @ Aanya
    isn't this your first comment on this page? Welcome to Chai ki Dukaan! i hope to see you around!

    Happy Diwali Dear!!!!

    @ Richa
    thank you :) experiement again sometime :) I am planning on doing a few myself sometime with this bottle-mug :)

    @ Jas
    thanks !!! same to you...

    this is the same jar that I got from you :) some things are just not worth throwing away I tell you!

    @ Swati
    thank you very much!!!

    Happy diwali to you too!!!

  9. abbe bhaiya ye chini lightein kaha se le aya tu

    ye wohi to nahi jo hum 2-3 saal pehle chandni chowk se kharid ke laye the?

  10. @ Tanu
    same to same to you

    @ Burf
    bhai last year christmas se rakhi hai mere paas... aur aisee bahut hi rare koi cheez hogi yahan par which is not made in china...

    nahin bhai ye wo wali nahin hai.... ye to yahin ki hai!!! chandni chawk wali to ghar par lagi hui hai...

  11. Neat pics.......but yaar khelne ke liye sirf Lights mili...woh bhi andhere me ;)

  12. Can't say everything here! can i :P