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At home this Diwali!!!

I was just not excited about Diwali, for ONE simple reason! I am not home!

However, one evening when I reached home from work, I found this packet lying outside the door... now the only thing that I am ordering these days are DVDs of some movies, and this packed could not have a DVD... I picked it up! shook it a bit and realised that there are a few things inside... Wondering what it could be and who would send it, I opened the door, kept my bag aside and opened the box!!!

And I find

a Greeting Card
and umm.. Motichoor ke Laddoo in the box!!!

And suddenly Diwali made more sense than it was making so far!!!

Thank you Joy for this lovely gesture! Cannot thank you enough for this! Keeping the card for you to sign, when I see you next!!!!

This Diwali ended up being a nice one in its own taste, with the laddoos, Gaurav bringing in some sweets for me and a shirt for me thinking that I would not have gone anywhere to shop for myself, all my Mamas calling me and getting all excited about talking to me, and then the finale at a colleague's place with a Diwali party... ended up enjoying till 3 am in the morning!


  1. love love surprises :)))

    and thank you for surprising me in return !!!!! :P

    am soooo glad your diwali was so not so bad...after all!!

    you touch so many lives with happiness...how could you except anything different for yourself....

    diwali party bhi :))....awesome :))

    may all the future ones be even better....

  2. Seems like u had more fun on Diwali then people here in India did..whaoo!!

  3. That's a sweet way of accepting and appreciating a gift!

    Very thoughtful, Joy:)