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She kept asking herself what went wrong!

She did everything it takes to keep a relationship, or so she thought!

She never felt away from him, even though they were miles apart... though he never felt close to her or so he thought!

She always made time, and he never bothered

She wanted, and he did not need it

She spoke, he never heard

She wanted to hear, he never spoke

An year after they spoke last, she finally gathered enough courage to call him and ask!

the phone rang, and her heart was pounding on every bell, so loud! that she could hear it clearly

Same irritating caller tune, she thought!

He picked up

She said,"Hi"

He asked, "Who's that?"

She said, "Guess!" no wait... she wanted to say "guess who" but said," Neeelima!"

He said," Hi Neelima. How are you? Been a while!"

She said," Why do I feel that you never bothered how I was, what I was, and did not value me in the relationship we shared? Just want to know why?"

He said," wake up idiot... you have been speaking in your sleep for the last 30 minutes." Put some nice hot tea next to her side of the bed, kissed her on the forehead, and walked out to the porch of their honeymoon cottage!


  1. Bahut badiya - khush kar diya aapne .

  2. smiley -----


    i like your story very much....

    what i like even more is the cup of tea that he gives her and the kiss....what a lovely wake up after the not so nice experience...

    hope he plans to come back to the cottage...after walking out....after waking her up...

  3. All's well that ends well..
    Initially I thought ki yea story kitni milti hai,real life experiences se..but ending mein mazza aa gaya ;-))

  4. hehe its funny and very hindi filmyish :P

  5. I thought I was reading my story up until the part when he is waking her up.

    I can only wish for the ending to come true...
    My courage has questioned and found no answers. Why is it so hard to move on?

  6. this made me smile at the end :)

  7. @ Iya

    @ Joy

    I don't know if he is coming back in! I think he will :)

    @ Reetika

    @ Vaishali
    yea... all's well that ends well... infact most things end well...

    @ Sam

    @ Deepa

    @ Nirja
    Its the story of our lives! has happened to everyone in some form or another!

    @ Mayuri

    @ Richa

    @ Swati

  8. i read it dreading a hear-break in the end and smiled at the way the story ends:))

  9. nice.. i wrote something similar.. a year back.. will send u..