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Lets the games begin!

I am really looking forward to the 2010 Commonwealth Games, and looks like they started one year too early!!!

Suresh Kalmadi and Mike Hooper have started the first game, India and most politicians are world champions at... the Blame Game!!!

In the first round, Mike Hooper warms up to the press in a conference and tells in detail about all the plans and that he was optimistic about the completion of all preps before the games... and a day later, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi plays his side of the game by throwing allegations at him and telling us that he has request that he be removed!! "Offence is the best defense, I remember"

And then the semi-final of the game where Mr. Hooper is giving an interview, and is stopped "on camera" from doing that! Stunning display of offensive techniques by Lalit Bhanot! In his words, " If Mike Hooper has to respond to anything, he should respond at home and not in HIS (Lalit's) office.". Check out the video here if you have not seen it yet. In this video, the way Lalit Bhanot looks when Mike is asking him something, it is so clear that he does not have a fkking clue as to why he is asking Mike to stop the interview, but that he just wants him to stop!!!! what losers!!!

My take, this is something that will carry on for about a week while it only gets worse!!!

I really want Delhi to be prepared for the games, but am also afraid, rather have a very strong gut feel that the preparations are highly inadequate and all of this is being done just as a run-up to the truth about how fukked up the planning and execution has been for these games!

I still hope the games can happen when planned! Maybe someone needs to read through why projects fail and make error corrections before its too late... or is it already!

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