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  1. couldn't agree more :)

  2. hmm..I agree agree.
    But I have a few questions..i am confused. doesn't trust..faith.. depend on what and who are you talking about?

    umm..at the same time doesn't trust, faith come from within? There are times when you trust a complete stranger so don't even know how reliable that person is, yet you trust him...have faith in him.
    For example
    Trusting a doctor..a stranger, in case of an emergency.
    Trusting a cabbie..a stranger that he will take us safely to the right destination.
    Trusting a priest that he will chant the right mantra, perform the right rituals at an important family puja.
    Or is this different? Umm..is this gut...intuition??

  3. and I just want to share a quote that I read in a book. I really like it.
    Book title: God explained in a taxi ride.
    Author: Paul Arden.

    "How can you have blind faith in something for which there is not a scrap of evidence?
    Well, the answer is you can't. If you could prove it, it wouldn't be faith. You can only have faith in what you don't know. That's what faith is."

  4. @ Joy

    @ Swati
    I do not really have an answer to what you asked.. not even sure if that was a question...

    my take... I like it simple! Have a small brain... can't spend it thinking about all these permutations and combinations!

  5. small brain....lol.... can i say..."couldn't agree more" to this too...hahaha

  6. @Prashant: :D
    Ok. Mr. Small Brain :P

    @Joy: hehehe..High-five for your second comment ;)

  7. You girls seem to be too amused with my small brain comment!!!

    Let me tell you, its worth having a small brain and being able to use whatever I have of it, instead of... ah crap!!!

    let it be :P

  8. hehehe..
    Kya kisi ko bura lag gaya? :P

  9. Wow..thats something new for me..I always thought, Faith/Trust and belief were synonyms!!
    But ab samjh mein aaya ki,agar reliablility hoti hai,to bharosa hota hai..and Bharosa hota hai to Vishwaas!!

  10. sorry my comment seems to have have been taken out of context here!!!...and taken to another tangent....

    came to delete it...but seems that it is not an option...

    regret.. !!

  11. a debatable topic.. but if this work for you than nothing else matters. :)

  12. @ Vaishali
    I like the way you put it in Hindi... it sounds good!

    @ J
    no worries!

    @ Geet
    it sure does!!!!