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You can't be my friend if you are "NORMAL"

I just got thinking of people that I am the closest to, and they reciprocate well... to realize that...

I have a friend who drove 4000 kms to relocate
I have friend who gives me credit for all the chichorapanti she does
I have a friend who frowns because it takes more muscles to frown than smile and that is his way of working out
I have a friend who is critical about use of English irrespective of how and when it is used
I have a friend whose enthusiasm about what all she wants to do after her Ph.D can be intimidating at times
I have a friend who one fine day just leaves his job and goes back home without a plan in place
I have a friend who works with an NGO over any other career options because of the small difference it would make to the world
I have a friend who believes in the not so obvious more than the rest of the world I know
I have a friend who I connected with after a gap of 10 years like it was just yesterday and is a brilliant pastry chef
I have friends who get pleasure out of making my life miserable and really not in the "i will take care of him once he starts crying" types but "let's make him cry for life" types
I have friends who would fight like crazy over who has more Calvin and Hobbes
I have friends who treat potty as religion

Are you normal? sorry you do not qualify !!!

Here is something to celebrate friendship


  1. Of course! You're the king!!! :D

    All hail!

  2. Yeah right !!! you are close trust !!! I never taught you whatever crap you do :D

  3. You figured that out too :)

    thanks for the stamp on the insanity Vaishali! good to have you around :)

  4. I liked this post very much :)
    Quite an assortmnet of friends :)

  5. :)
    Bilkul aapke nakshe kadmon pe hoon. Guru ho aap mere. :P


  6. he he potty potty potty :) !!!

  7. That entire list sounds pretty normal to me. Does that make me abnormal? :D

  8. For the record, I did have a plan when I left my job. I knew I had to be with my family and I had figured out how much (how little, really) money I need to survive, and I did have a plan to earn that each month. And in exactly two years, I am back working :(

    It's a pretty normal boring life again. Can I still stay your friend? :P

  9. you taught me how to appreciate being gung-ho about things seemingly normal

  10. Hehe! Very interesting list ! :)
    Accha hai !

  11. celebrating :)...right along with you....and with all of yours :))

    abhi tak kissi ne...writing me abnormal nahi kaha tha...aaj woh bhi ho gaya....achha laga :P

  12. I can see you are spending too much time on you tube. :)

  13. @ FJ

    @ Jas
    without a doubt

    @ Richa
    shut up :D

    I am not going to bail you out when you land up in trouble! bata raha hoon

    @ Tanu

    you got it :) do the math :P

    @ Subbu
    haan haan theek hai :) i am still proud of you for doing what you did!

    @ Burf
    i love you bro

    @ Kshitiz
    tera naam bhi add hone wala hai is list mein :D

    @ Joy
    hehehe... kisi ne nahin bola? tch tch :) koi nahin... now you know!!!

    @ Abhi

  14. bola and imply to almost sab ne kiya hai par aise certificate nahin diya.... :)

    i guess it waould take a crazy to do so ;)

  15. great you have all these friends...

  16. You have a good set, keep them.. :)

  17. glad to have you as my friend :)
    and that's truly a crazy bunch of pals you hv...


  18. Yeh sab log to ekdum normal lag rahe hain mujhe :P

    Sweet post :))

  19. Friends are precious.. once we cross the social bias that stops us from thinking freely.. sigh..