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Jim Halpert vs. Dwight Shrute

"The Office" happens to be my favorite television series of all times! I adore the characters in the series, and have a certain amount of dislike for a few in a certain sense!!!

Jim and Pam, also are my favorite on-screen couple of all times!!! And Jim, the guy who knows how to sort things out! and make life a bit tougher on others too in a funny way! :)

See here in the video are some moments between him and Dwight, who is another salesman and peer competitor! If you have not seen the series, please do try to watch! It can take a while to develop a liking for it though, so take your time!

On an unrelated thought, how different is reflected sunlight from direct sunlight?


  1. Have you watched the offic (UK ) The American one is a copy of the same. I love both of them. The UK one was a shorter series though.

    And I agree you need to develope a taste for this humor, it does not come in an instant. But Yes I love it and watch it regularly..Sheer humor

  2. points of difference:

    firstly, reflected sunlight (RL) yields more heat than direct sunlight (DL), the reason why RL is used in solar heaters/ cookers (conditioned to the use of mirrors).

    secondly, RL explains the phenomenons of planetshine & the visibility of natural satellite- like moon. (the moon does not shine on its own, its the sunlight reflecting off it)

  3. I feel i have seen this, though not sure

  4. This was cool...I kinda liked it!!

  5. @ Iya
    I have seen it... did not like it much for some reason... 2 episodes and then I gave up!

    US series, I totally adore!!

    @ Mayuri
    why is the RL more hot?

    @ Burf
    bahut mast hai bhai ye

    @ Vaishali
    complete episodes might take some effort to like, it can feel a bit slow and awkward with people staring into the camera which is very unusual for a seral!!! try karna... dekho kaisa lagta hai!

  6. RL is hotter becuase it concentrates sunlight.

    the reflective device (mirror or metal plate) focuses all the sun rays falling on it to a particular focal point ... the concentrated sunrays can cause a temperature higher than 100'C.

    (sun rays do not hv a temperature, they have heat-engery only. when they fall on something, they increase its temperature by transfer of heat-engery. RL concentrates the heat-energy to a single-focal-point, hence causing more temperature)


    p.s. remember the experiment jo convex lens se paper jalane me lagta hai.. same concept used here.