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Sapt- Sholki- Gita (Gita in seven verses)

These seven sholkas sum up the teachings of "Bhagawad Gita'.

1. कृष्ण उवाच:

* ओमित्येकाक्षरं ब्रह्म व्याहरन्मामनु स्मरणम्
या: प्रयाति tjyandeham स याति परमां गतिम् (8-13)
* इस ॐ swaroop को ही braham या akshar कहें
है यही मेरा रूप जिसको पा कर नर मुक्ति लें

* Krishna Uvacha:
Om ithyaksharam Brahma,
Vyaharan maam anusmaran,
Ya prayathi thyajan deham,
Yaati parma gatim.

* Krishna said:
He, who meditates on me,
Chants the single syllable- Om- which in Brahman,
While leaving this ephemeral body,
Will surely attain the most supreme state - moksha.
2. अर्जुन उवाच :
* स्थाने हृषिकेश तव प्र की तर्या
जगत्प्र हृस्य त्यानुराजय्ते च
रक्षाम्सी भीतानि दिशो द्रवन्ति
सर्वे नमस्यन्ति च सिद्धि संघा (11-36)
* हृषिकेश तुम्हारी कीर्ति से
सब लोक आनंद लेते हैं
भय कर रा क्ष स भागते चंहु दिशा
सिद्धि मुनि जन तुमको नमते हैं
* Arjuna Uvacha:
Sthane Hrisikesa, Thava prakeerthya,
Jagath prahrushthya anurajyathe cha,
Rakshamsi bheethani diso dravanthi,
Sarve namasyanthi cha sidha sangha.

*Arjuna said:
The world is delighted by your praise, O Hrisikesha
All are happy and rejoicing
The evil raksha are flying away with fear,
And all devotees bow before you.
3. कृष्ण उवाच :
* सब orr baahu चरण sirr मुख नयन agadit हैं जिसे
सब लोक mei vyyapat rahein वह prabhu कहते हैं जिसे (13-14)
* Krishna Uvacha:
Sarvatha pani padam thath,
Sarvatho akshi siro mukham,
Sarvatha sruthimalloke,
Sarvamavithya thishtahi.

*Krishna said:
It [the knowledgable] has hands and legs everywhere,
It has eyes head and mouth everywhere,
It has ears everywhere in the world
And it exists in all the creatures of this world.
4. कृष्ण उवाच :
sarvagya है pracheen है अति sukshma है sikshak है
आदित्य रूप achintya है sansaar का रक्षक है
* Krishna Uvach
Kavim purana anusasithara-
Manoramaneeyaam samanusmaredhya,
Sarvasya dhataram machinthya roopa-
Madithya varnam thamasa parasthath. (8-9)

* Think of Him, as ancient, omniscient spread everywhere,
Ruler of all, much subtler than tha subtle,
Protector of all with his inconceivable form which is beyond thought,
With the colour of Sun and transcendental beyond dark thoughts.

5. कृष्ण उवाच
drishant दे के vraksh का सब भेद इस sansaar का
हे मित्र samjhayu tujhe यह जाल prakati prasaar का
हे sakhe jag ashvathav है जिस की ऊपर मूल है
नीचे है शाखा बढ़ रही ऐसा uga prti kool है

* Krishna Uvach
Oordhwamoolamadha sakham,
Aswatham prahooravyayam,
Chandamsi yasya parnani,
Yastham Veda sa Vedavith.

* With roots upwards and branches growing down,
Like a Banyan tree with Vedas as its leaves,
The tree of knowledge is everlasting and immortal,
And whosoever knows it, knows the Vedas.
6. कृष्ण उवाच
vedo से ही mei जाना jayu mei vedo का ही रूप hun
vedo का करता जान ने wala mei विश्व swaroop hun
* Krishna Uvach
Sarvasya chaham, hrudhi sannivishto,
Matha smrithir jnana mapohanam cha,
Vedaischa sarvaii, rahameva Vedhyo,
Vedanthakruth veda vidheva chaham.

* I am seated in everybody’s heart,
And from me are Memory, wisdom and their loss,
And form all the Vedas, I alone am the subject to be known,
For I created them and I am the one knower of the Vedas.

7. कृष्ण उवाच
मुझको yajo मुझको bajho मुझको namo mam भक्त हो
mei satya kahta hun sakhe तुम mujh me ही aasakt हो
तुम param priye mam मित्र हो इसलिए kahta hun mei
paayoge mujh को ही, हे sakhe यह अटल prn करता hu mei
* Krishna Uvacha
Manmana bhava Mad bhaktho,
Madhyajee maam Namakuru,
Mamevaishyasi sathyam they,
Prathijane priyo asi may. (18-65)

* Focus your mind on me,
Be my devotee, Sacrifice for me, Bow down to me,
And I promise to you because you are dear to me,
That definitely you will come to me.


  1. thank you for sharing this eternal teaching....it is magnificient!!

    something in the air i guess....i posted a very simplifies version of this on my blog just this morning :)

    hope it gives inspiration to all of us as we fight the battle....not in kurukshetra but in our own humdrum lives :))

  2. Thanks for sharing and explaining the verses so well.

    Guess, I needed this today and Lord Krishna sent it through Chai ki dukaan :)

    Thanks buddy :)

  3. And i was talking about Geeta yesterday itself with a friend! and that I am thinking of reading the book!

    Thanks you Mayuri! good choice :) I might edit to have hindi text as well in the post ! :)

  4. too long...

    the entire Bhagwad Gita can be summarized in two words..

    "nishkama karma"

    if one is unable to do this.. no point reading the book.. if one is able to do it... no need to read the book..

    (except that one will be able to say that he has read the Geeta)

  5. ...oh, and 'kama' as oft as it is misunderstood is not 'desire', but 'selfish desire'

  6. Though I really liked and agree to the comment made by 'Anonynmous'

    I also think you did a brilliant job of summarizing the essense.

    This was a good post.

  7. thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on this post.

    @ joy
    interesting. i'd want to read your post. how do i visit your blog? pls share its URL.

    @ rhapsody
    glad that you got what you needed thru chai-ki-dukaan :)

    @ om
    yes, put the hidni text/ verses if you please. you may want to read geeta online on iskcon site.

    @ anony
    hmmm.. i believe that we all hold different views. for you 'geeta' may be summarized as 'nishkama karma', for me it is 'embodiment of self & self- realisation'

    @ i am..
    thanks :)