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Happy Diwali!

I saw people getting invites to write at the Chai ki Dukaan and secretly hoped for a day when I'd get the invite too. My 'corny and cliched' initiative displayed below worked, and here I am. :D

Here's wishing all the visitors of Chai ki Dukaan a safe and joyous Diwali. Hope you don't burst crackers. And make up for it all by eating lots of mithai. :D


  1. Can I comment on my own post? :P

    I will!

    You have some real nice friends, Prashant. Be nice to them. And better appreciate their sense of style. They're smart people.

    Chalo... happy diwali bhi! Enjoy!


  2. Happy Diwali fellow Chaibaaz-ers!
    God bless!

  3. A very happy Diwali to all chaiwalas er...chaibaaz :D

    And Aarbee, that's a beautiful rangoli :)

  4. Thanks, Rhapsody! I like you! :-)

  5. Tread carefully Lady!!! you are trying to wash dirty linen in public :D

    Happy Diwali to you too :)

  6. @Jas and Nikki
    Happy Diwali to you too!! :-)

    I'm sorry?

  7. hamara style wala discussion internal hai!!! leak kyon kar rahi hai tu?

  8. aarbee....that is such a lovely greeting...must have been so fragrant too....

    wish you and every one else here a diwali filled with sweetness (recipe for which is given already in this post )...and may we all overcome our lower nature...and for the rest of the year shine on with inner beauty, harmony...and good will....

  9. I was a bit confused when my reader said there's a new post on Chai ki dukaan written by Arbee! But then, I remember reading the 'corny and cliched' word, so it all makes sense now.

    And yes... Mithai! Trust me to clean up all the stuff at home. Hope you guys get to do that too, and watch your weight at the same time :P

    Happppppy Diwali!

  10. Meri taraf se bhi please kha lo sab badiya badiya mithai... yahan par to pata nahin kya milega!!!!

  11. Happy Diwali to all..pataake to main bhi nahin jaalti..hope aap sab bhi nahin jalaoge..
    Have a safe Diawli!!God Bless

  12. Prashant,
    Sorry sorry... wapis mail pe discuss karte hain. :P

    Very! :-)

    Wish you a very happy Diwali too!! :-)

    See! And one would have thought that corny things have no value. :P

    I'm putting on holiday weight. Ye wala chalta hai! :P

    Happy happy Diwali!

    Laddoo to mil hi jayenge, I'm sure. It's the evergreen mithai! :-)

    Good to know ki aap bhi patake nahi jalate. :-)
    Happy Diwali!