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As Good as it Gets!

Jack Nicholson surprises me!!!

  • One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest
  • Batman
  • As Good as it Gets
  • A Few Good Men
  • Bucket List

Unbelievable !!!

I wanted to watch just half the movie today but ended up watching the full movie!

Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson's characters in this movie are so real that every 15 minutes I felt that I have witnessed something like this outside the screen around me too! Its not one of those dreamy, Walk in the cloud type romantic movies, but if I have to make a list of romantic movies, this probably would be in some of the top... I want to watch Bridges of Madison County again now...!!! and that is when I cannot handle romantic movies well! But I ended up loving this one...

Also if you can help, which movie is that where Meg Ryan comes to the city following her boyfriend, and ends up being with a guy who is spying on his ex-girlfriend who is now with Meg's boyfriend? This guy has some kind of lenses to watch what is happening in the apartment and is projecting on a wall in the one that he is staying!

Anyway... watch "As Good as it Gets" if you have not seen it already! its beautiful!

And I just realised that both Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson got an Academy Award for best actor/actress in a leading role for this movie! I am not surprised! and the Golden Globe awards for best actor and actress too!


  1. Lovely movie it is..
    I also liked "City of Angels" - Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cager..b'ful movie thi!!

  2. "addicted to love" Bruv. I have it in my collection with the other one like "city of Angels" and "You've Got Mail"

  3. The man is great actor.As good as it get..is a classic one.I also liked his "About Schimdt"

  4. will see this.....

    if you like jack nicholson ...try n see...witches of eastwick....and terms of endearment.....different kind of movies.....

    may be you would enjoy....

  5. Hey Prashant...where are u these days??
    pls share you phone number...


  6. "Bridges of Madison County" - totally ever lasting. idolises the selflessness of love without either taking out hope or passion from it. totally does it for me.

  7. aww i so want to see that "as god as it gets " and "bridges of maddison county"..

    n that meg-ryan movie u are asking is "french kiss"..i suppose!!!also in my -to- watch list..english version of "pyar to hona hi tha"

  8. yet to watch the Bucket list but like that actor.. loved him in "As good as it gets".. one of the movies I really loved..