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Its not just Maple that makes Fall pretty!

The weekend was forecasted to be cloudy with rain throughout, however in the last one year, I have learnt to not really trust the weather forecast here and it seems to work almost every single time... including today!!!

The morning started cloudy outside, and very sleepy inside!!! Waking up around 8 and still being in bed when its almost 12 is an amazing experience! To be specific, I have not been sleeping on the bed at all... Have been camping on the floor after the terrible muscle pull last Friday, and now I do not feel like going back to sleeping on the bed!!!

Anyway, had seen a few leaves yesterday while walking back from the office and was determined to go back and take pictures of them irrespective of how the weather was going to behave! but to my luck, it behaved very very well! and what you see below is the result of a short walk around the neighborhood!

Its not just the maple leaves, but almost every single tree starts turning into beautiful bold pastel red, yellow and browns... A sight to see and remember! the Camera, if catches half of it, is doing just the introduction!!!

Enjoy the photographs below and do not forget to click the link at the end for a small slideshow of the Fall-Winter Collection from flickr!

And like I said before... here is the link. I would recommend press F11(Full Screen) as soon as you click the link for a better view.


  1. so gorgeously beautiful....words hi kaam padte hai..just soaking in the beauty...the full screen suggestion was great....felt i was there in person...

    so glad that you left the sleepiness behind..and braved the bad weather preditiction and went out ...and got us back this beauty to see....

    and had the angels bless you as well.....i so love that photograph too....will get a print of that some day...

    both the bike pics are outstanding too....bike collection bhi aap ke pas...bike in fall...bike in snow...cylces..used and overused in india...

    delhi morning and milwaukee fall....with my coffee ;0 ...what a sublime combination...thanx for sharing....;00

  2. Wow!
    These photographs are really breath-taking! Every picture is a masterpiece. I could almost feel that I was taking a walk in your neighborhood :) Thanks :))

    You've captured almost all the seasons during your stay in Milwaukee. The photographs would an awesome coffe-table book that I'd love own someday :)

  3. Whaoo..lovely..breath taking pictures!!
    Loved them all..specially the bi-cycle one and climber on the house..
    Your suggestion actually was useful..I enjoyed viewing the collection more than you flicker stram..I wonder how beautiful would these look,when even bigger!!

    and yea..take care of yourself..hope you are feeling better now..Get well soon!!

  4. hope you're doing better now...

    the pics r just wow!!!

  5. Heartwarming colors!
    Very beautiful photographs, particularly the bicycle ones! :)

  6. @ Joy
    I had a nice walk around the neighborhood too... and I am glad I decided to walk out and go!!!

    thank you hai ji for liking the photographs so much!!!

    coffee not allowed on chai ki dukaan :P

    ! Swati
    great!!! glad you liked them!

    @ Vaishali
    nice... i like the cycle one too!!!!

    yea, I am feeling better, but I do not want to get back to bed :)

    @ Mayuri
    yea I am better... thanks :)

    @ Sam
    it was! today... rain and clouds the entire day! duh!!!

    @ Jas

  7. the cycle man pic awesome!!! what a reflection yaaar... bahot hi badhiya capture !!!