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Hot Subjects!!

I wonder how come English and Biology teachers are often oh so hott in schools!!! and in colleges too!!!

Shikha Dar, my bio teacher in DAVCPS
Amrita Sharma, my English teacher in DAVCPS... Not many said it, but when we were getting together for a group photograph in class X, every guy wanted to be as close to Amrita Ma'am as possible :P

Is it the subject? or something else?

Oye Tushar, wo Angrezi ki teacher ka kya naam tha bhai DAV mein? She looked so like Sonali Bendre or better!!! and the day she would wear a saari to college!!! uff!!!

And the term "English Honors की लडकियां " used to be a talking point anyway!!! minus a few exceptions :)


  1. Boys will be boys..and men will be men..Gosh..wonder how any why guys start so early :P :P

  2. lol....yeah at that stage in life it is all about hormones....

    i briefly taught english in my old school....could that be how kids were perceiving me :P..thank god i had no idea of this then!!

    english hons :P- i never realised it was a universal phenomenon, i thought it was limited to my college...intresting insight!!

  3. Lol! Yeah English Hons Girls...universal phenomenon... All my guy friends always wnated to go to the Cafe in the Arts deaprtment during Uiversity days! Although a lot of guys from other departments came to Life Sciences canteen and we used to insist that it was because we Life Sciences girls were the prettiest! :D

  4. hmmm...now..that is the reason...and my bilogy and english teacher's were hot...the Bilogy teacher was Mr.Dennison..who used to wear full shirts during the summer because his hand resembled a bear...
    English Teacher...nah...old lady
    Both good teacher's though

  5. Hahaa English teachers I have to agree are hot. Meri to saari ek se ek badke thin... I guess kaafi wela course hota hoga where women learn to make themselves look hot in the wela time :P ok that was rude. but kuch to hai..

  6. ~iya :P
    this english hon grad will take it as a compliment and not as rudness.....

    but let me tell you it not wela course....not in my college atleast ...though i did have time to do a second program alongside....dhabba hons :P -now that was a wela course :))

  7. arrey hahha ab jab raz khul hi rahein hai to.. i enrolled in LSR for eng hons too.. and got out of it very soon.. coz I joined engineering in nagpur.. so ofcourse eng hons is a happening course ;)

  8. well for me.. I had the hotties for my Physics prof.. he was droolll.. he he he !!