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My problem with Romantic movies is that they more often than not end up being all dreamy and the "awwwww...." types... I don't like it... but then they are movies, right!

My other problem with romantic movies is that they remind me of some part of my personality and character that I have been through and it did not turn out the way it turns out for the people in the movie! I don't like that either! but then they are movies, right!

But having said that, if one is smart enough, there are amazing things that these "awwww..." movies can teach you! all you need to do less of "awww...." and more of "hmmm..." I do not know when I started doing that, but that is what I end up doing! Personally I find most always "awwww...." people kind of idiotic too!

I just saw "He's just not that into you". I wish I could say it that honestly to some women! They would not have been able to take that honesty anyway, even though one of the things that moves us is honesty, till someone is honest with us on our face!

I loved the character of Drew Barrymore and her inability to handle all the technology driven relationships! especially when she talks about getting dumped via multiple technology dependent mediums! poor girl!!!

This is a different movie (What a cliche'd line) ! bit more realistic than the others that I know of atleast till atleast 10 minutes before it finishes!!! I liked this one!

Another romantic movie that I saw and liked recently was "Love Actually"... What I liked about that movie was the story telling and knitting of multiple small stories together into one and the li'il unusualness in characters also something that was worth noticing!!!


  1. "awww types"

    all you need to do less of "awww...." and more of "hmmm..."

    I do not know when I started doing that, but that is what I end up doing!

    LOL!!! I can't stop laughing after reading this post..esp the above mentioned lines :))

    Remind me of a couple of guy friends who have similar opinion on romantic films..:))

    I haven't seen "He's just not that into you"..i don't know how missed it and then later I just didn't feel like watching it.

    'Love Actually' is a lovely movie and yes all the small love stories were beautifully weaved togther. :))

  2. And I like romantic films...not all but some classic ones and quite a few romantic comedies :))

  3. love actually....is one of my fav movies....the characters are not picture perfect...they are all little flawed.....love hugh grant obsessessing over his wide hipped ....damn...cant remember the term!!...and the music is great too...

    i actually have prsonally increased the sale of this book, he's just not that into you....at work....it is a different thing that many of the people/women did not come back for further work :)

    it does save so much heart break....i use it in my life....all the time, with the men.....it is a little unkind at the moment...but i have found...all the people are now my friends/congenial aquintances.....men take truth much better than we women do :))

    waise i am glad that you are not doing to much awwwww....cause these are chic flicks...like porn is catering to men..these are equivalent of that for women..so if you were...awwwwinnng it would be a casue to worry :P

  4. I don't like this awww business either. It makes me sick. And when there are moments that just demand an awww from me... I get awkward because I do not want to utter the damn thing. So I end up coming across as this strange woman who is smiling but not giving the universal reaction known to all.

    He's Just Not That Into You actually gave me a perspective! Not about how men can be pigs, but about how I need to handle those idiots better.
    I learned that from a movie, Prashant. :P

  5. I just realised that the last line in my previous comment calls for an 'awww....'. :D

  6. I like romantic movies..and "He's just not that into you" was a good one.. brilliant star cast,liked the way,all the stories were knitted.Must confess the movie was kind of an eye opener for me..men are pigs,they treat you like(read women) a doormat..one just needs to realise it,and I guess the signs are pretty visible,its just that, when you are in love,you dont see them!!

  7. The movies that you mentioned are, in my opinion, not romantic movies - they are feel good movies. Most of them follow a fixed formula - and that formula doesn't happen in the society I live in or have seen.

    You know what I am thinking after reading this? A movie like Casablanca, where the setting is WW-II, but you watch that movie and you know what romance is!

  8. very frankly speaking, i had never heard of this 'AAAwww' word(read 'way to emote') till someone commented on my blog an year back!! i even googled after seeing this word !!! anyways angrezon ke jhamele!!

    but this emotion (aawww) comes to me only when I see a dogggie loooking at me with those innocent eyes or if cow is pyaar se licking it's calf or a tigress doing the same to her baccha,basically when i watch NatGeo...

    yea i do cry while watching sad romantic scenes :P

    a romantic movie is definitely Casablanca!

  9. Love actually is one of my fav movies too :) M a great fan of ur blog and visit it regularly :)

    Priyanka Dhata

  10. @ Swati
    Most romantic movies (read Bollywood stuff) have the capability of making me sick to the core!!!! anyway.. these two are nice!!!

    @ joy
    I see what you are saying.. not perfect characters!!!

    and I do not think any number of books or movies would stop people acting like idiots in relationships!!! not just men (who are pigs like a few people claim) but women as well :P

    I am for sure not doing any AWWWss...

    @ Sam
    me too

    @ Richa
    heheh... i like you! you strange woman !!

    Its a nice perspective yes!!! but I hope you are not making a statement about all men! I would be offended!

    @ Vaishali
    really!! that is what you think about men? I have to say you have been unfortunately to meet a certain variety of men! there are some nicer pigs too!!!

    @ Subbu
    I am only going by what internet categorises them as bro !!!

    and you are comparing Casablanca with this? oh Com'on!!!! That is unfair to Casablanca!!! I love that movie...

    for that matter, realistic situation movies have a different impact than these "feel good" ones like you said!

    @ Geet
    really! I have been noticing this and similar, if not the exact same words for a long time!!! or this way of expression which I find so shallow and over the top!

    the moments that you mentioned about are definitely worth sitting up and noticing!!!

    @ Priyanka

    thank you for being regular on chai ki dukaan! glad!

  11. whether calling men pigs....or using the expression awwww....all that i believe comes from men and women being intrinsically different, and less aprreciative and of this fact.

    women meets a man - on first date thinks there is connection, she is thinking relationship...he is thinking...cute chic.
    man is defintely not thinking relationship!!..but she will start calling, smsing...looking for wedding florists !!

    the equivalent is if a guy jumps on to a girl on the first date....she would definitely say yuck !!....good bye!!

    men women are different...VERY !!

    so girls when they see something that touches their heart go...awww.....it is not shallow!!..it is a difference between genders!! i personally like sound effects with my text...so i can correctly understand what is being said !!

    hmmmmmmmmmm :)

  12. But in the end they all turn out the same ((

  13. Blog hopped to your place.

    Luvvvvvvvvved the photographs. Someone's definitely got talent. ;)

    When a gal goes awww, it's like a sigh, something to demonstrate speechlessness.

    Here, let me give you an eg.

    hmmmmmmmmmmm, such a cute baby!
    awwwwwwwwwww, such a cute baby!

    which sounds better?

    There's nothing wrong with them.
    Maybe you need to be more open towards other people(women). Wake up dude, venus is not that bad a place. ;)

    And I respect men who can say to me that they arent that into me if I m into them and they find it intriguing. You should always respect a murder victim!
    ;) :D

  14. @ J
    I think they are different!!! very bloody so obvious different!!!

    you are generalizing something that is not correct in my opinion!!! i know of so many incidents of shallow incidents of expression that I have lost count!!!

    @ Vaishali
    too bad!

    @ Meena

    you are talking about a situation which would bring out emotions from anyone!!! different ways to express though!!!

    Read what I wrote again.. I was talking relationship situations and not looking at nice looking babies!

    About me being open to women, I would let you read through the blog a bit more before I explain how I feel about women!

  15. relevance to the topic ka connection hai - romantic movies etc:)...it was about one situation and how men, women see it differently :)

  16. oh i re-read ur comment and realised u said correct and not connect...oops again...early morning is to blame :P

  17. awwwwwwwwww .....

    I loved HINTIY

    check out Wake up Sid, it's cute too.