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I realize that my emotional need and emotional availability has reduced to a bare minimum over the last few years!

Though it does not bother me at all, it ends up impacting my friends who at times need reassurances!

I am not sure if there is something that I want to do about it at this point in time! Got a lot of pending to-dos already!


  1. OMG...

    infact a similar kind of thought creeped into my mind yesterday :(

    if you find a soln do tell me :)

  2. I doubt if this needs a solution, because this does seem to be a problem! that is what I am!

  3. I am setting that as my goal now.. good you defined it so well.. Emotionally Unavailbale !! I likes it

  4. Not sure if others would agree with me but I believe life is less complicated for people who are emotionally unavailable and emotionally independent. Talking out of personal experience... because there came a time in my life when I made myself emotionally unavailable and independent...I think life was simpler and less complicated at that time. But the sad part is somewhere down, it affected my relationship with a couple of friends.

    Par aaj main pendulum ki tarah dolti rehti hoon..:D I make myself emotionally available but then suddenly I make myself unavailable. There are days when my emotions run high and I look for some support but then suddenly I shut myself...kinda weird. I think, I have a split personality :D...hehehe or is it just mood swings? :D

  5. Rhapsody..I somehow agree with the second part of your post..I zbelieve..its all mood swings..because it happens with me all the time tooo...

  6. A phase, a time in life where we all need our space, hate giving answers, when silence is golden means a lot..

  7. hmmm...

    to-do ki list kuch kam hui ya weekend ke maje le rahe ho? :) ;)

  8. @ Shivi
    Goal? kyon re? agar you are working towards it, then take an advice... keep a couple of people for whom you are available 100%, that is good enough :)

    @ Swati
    it sure is less complicated!

    You do not want to hear my thoughts on that switch between states... I have very strong opinions on that! later sometime

    @ Sam
    in agreement

    @ Mayuri
    To-do ki list mein mid-hiking shoes hain...went to a couple of stores searching for them yesterday... par mile nahin!

  9. I love my 'Emotionally Unavailable'
    state, :)

  10. "Never get so busy making a living you forget to make a life." I really hope marriage is on your to-do list.

    Sometimes, some reassurance might be very necessary for someone.