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I pressed the 7 button again!!!

Time and again I have been reminded of a few things!!! one of them is that I cannot rely on luck!!!

but no! I have to and I did it again!

I rely on luck and not my work at times, and THAT is my mantra of failure!

its funny how I realize that every time I am depend on luck! seriously!!!

Anyway!!! I love this song! enjoy!

बोलो देखा है कभी तुमने मुझे उड़ते हुए?

just can't get enough of it!


  1. I LOVE this song, too...and I also love 'tere bina jiya jaye na' from the same movie.

  2. I love that song!have been humming this song for sometime now so I had to comment on it :)
    and yes it happens a lot of times with me, its a reflex, when I enter the elevator my hand moves directly to the floor I go to everyday even if the button is flashing! and yes somethings never change :)

  3. ...and I also like 'aapki aankhon main kuch mahekey huay se khwaab hain'...
    Gulzaar saab rocks!

  4. love this song!!!
    n @ rhapsody, yes..gulzaar saab rocks.."aapki aankho" is also a gem..i love:))

  5. mixture of awesome lyrics and voice....Tanks to Gulzar saab & Lata ji

  6. :)

    udhte hue!!...hmmm..yeah :))...few times :)....once, while watching a video when you jumped of an aircraft @ 14k feet...and then again after the video ended :P

  7. I LOVE this song tooo :)
    oooh this is one of the few songs that I loved hen I heard it for the first time itself :)

    @ Rhapsody.. u HAD to mention 'aapki aankhon mein..' Ilove that song too.. way too much.. I'm going crazy singing everything together :D