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She came and went!!!

She came to the city to surprise a few friends... she did manage to give them one of the biggest surprise of their lives!

She died!

Or should I say she was killed!


Driving under Influence is how the police puts it!

My friend gets a call from the hospital inquiring if he knows about the girl and then the caller tells him about the "unfortunate" incident

Her boyfriend flies from Houston, makes efforts to take her from this hospital to Chicago because his relatives are doctors there and they might help. The local doctors had given up already!

The body now flies to India, where her parents are eagerly waiting! not for her but for the body!

All of this because someone was drunk, and decided to drive!

I know of so many people who claim to be in complete control after they have a few drinks, and I know for sure how much in control they are! but then on a different day, we would have laughed about driving and drinking by quoting some funny lines by people who are drunk!

Its not really worth it! seriously! if you are having alcohol, please stay away from the steering wheel! take a cab home, ride a bus back home, or just pass out! but please do not drink and drive! you would never know the impact of something "unfortunate" that happens when you felt you were in total control!

Please learn from someone else's mistakes!

A big thank you for the kind souls who did whatever they could to save the girl in question here. It was probably the way she had to go!

and a big thank you if you have ever decided to take a cab to the pub and back instead of driving!


  1. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

  2. F*)($*#)($*#(* !!!

    Speechless... :(( !!!

    I hope her family and near ones get the strength to survive this !!

    More than the passed soul, I feel sorry for the one's left behind. I don't know who they cope up with a loss like death.

    I cannot even the idea of dying leaving behind the people who care for me !!

    anyway this was offtrack..
    :( :( :(

  3. Thats a tragic end..
    I was reading a similar kind of poem, a couple of days back..it talked druken drivin..the guy killed had been involved in the accident because some other druken driver.
    His parents and loved ones suffered without even any fault of thier own son ((

    May her soul rest in peace,and god give the strength to her near and dear ones to overcome their loss!!

  4. :( may her soul rest in peace...

  5. i never drink and drive

    RIP the girl...

  6. what a tragedy for all the people involved :(

    but i am glad you have raised this issue. it really is too much, a whole life wiped out and that of everyone else thrown into pain and chaos...for a few hours of pleasure...too high a cost, such pleasure.

    here in india too it is a serious issue, taken too lightly..most people have the attitude that they are cool and clever to by- pass/avoid cops with breath analyzers rather than avoid DUI.

    hoping attitudes change really soon...and the bar tender refuses to serve...or the host of a party calls a cab...and friends dedicate a non-drinker friend as designated driver for the evening !!

    soon !!

  7. I can't even imagine what family will go through ... May god give them strength through this difficult time ....

  8. @ Kashmira

    @ Swati

    @ Tanu

    nothing will give them enough strength! or would it?

    i will talk about what you just said offline with you! need to!

    @ Vaishali

    @ Anoop

    @ Tushar
    you are good guy bro! make sure you try to stop people who drink and drive too! atleast the ones you know

    @ Joy
    I doubt but I am hoping for the best!


    @ Meenakshi
    i cannot imagine either! :((

    @ Mayuri

  9. did we talk on this?

    no i think...

    let plan what we will do before we die today :)

  10. WE did not talk!!! we will sometime!