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Chai ki Dukaan is 5 years old today!

and I am glad!!!

Though I have always maintained that I write for myself, it would not have been possible to complete 5 years if it was not for the support and encouragement that I got from everyone who reads, visits, has read or visited Chai ki Dukaan!

Heartfelt thanks!!!!


  1. ...happy birthday to you .. - CKD and you mr.chaiwala

    what a journey.......many of the posts year are like a fav book...can pick up and read ...any time from any where......

    it is such a lovely space...which brings so much joy...provokes thoughts....brings a feeling of community and affiliation.....just like an oft visited chai stall would...the kind in .where peole have been hanging around for years..

    god bless you both....and many happy returns of this day.

  2. 'Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happt birthday dear chai ki dukaan, happy birthday to you!'
    Cheers with tea cups!!!!
    May you continue to serve garama garam chai(posts) for many, many years to come and may your 'chai ki dukaan' continue to flock with chai lovers :))

    Chai ki dukaan has been my favorite hang-out for a long time and is integral part of my life. I begin my day here..umm..I (literally)have my bed-tea at Chai ki dukaan :P

    And I second Joy. Many of the posts here are 'really' like fav books. I keep going back to read them...again and again :)

    Also, I met some really nice people through chai ki dukaan. In fact, 2-3 have become dear friends Thanks to you and your very special chai ki dukaan :)

    And here is a special song for you and your Chai ki Dukaan :))
    Visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEc8rGonrQw&feature=player_embedded

    God bless :)))

  3. happy birthday to "chai ki dukaan"!!
    the pic suits the occasion:))

    yours is a really nice blog and i love coming to it over to over again for the positive-tone and live-life-to-its-fullest funda along with delicious pictures it showers..your travel-list in the right side is motivating and it would be great if i cover eve half of it:))
    keep writing, keep clicking:))

  4. Congratulations!! :) 5 years is a long time and the best part is the consistency you've maintained, both in terms of the quality and quantity..
    Its been as fun reading/ looking at your space as much as you've had creating it..

  5. Wow..congratulations!!
    All already being said above..I agree with others here!!
    CKD is indeed an integral part of my life..love reaing yuor posts!!
    Keep writtin them more!!
    Good Luck for the coming years!!

  6. Happy birthday!!!

    I am glad I have read every single post written in the past five years. I loved the rightmore days, and I like the more popular chai ki dukaan too.
    I have liked most of the thoughts/experiences expressed here, and I have liked the evolution in those thoughts too.

    I stay put in the world of blogging because of this blog. So a thanks for that too today.

    Putting it in words is making it sound strange, but your blog has had such an impact on my life that is a little hard to believe.

    I look forward to your updates. Keep them coming.

    A highly interesting blog, of a more interesting person. I have even got you more readers who're also addicted to this page now. :P
    Celebrations, it calls for! :-)
    I'm doing it by playing Jhini right now. How are you doing it? :-)


  7. :) Awesome !
    Way to go..

    CKD been an inspiration and a source of motivation to many of us.

    Glad to be a part of the journey.
    God Bless.

  8. Great!!!
    Congratulations to you, and all the very best for future.

  9. Many congratulations on CKD turning 5! :)

  10. wow! This quite a milestone, Omji!
    And for 5 yrs, this place has been just as interesting as ever :)


  11. thank you so much 'chai-ki-dukaan'
    you are truly a delight
    i always look forward to read your words
    and enjoy the pics in sight :)

    so on your birthday i just want to cheer
    and wish you many more years of growing & viewing
    keep on rocking, 'chai-ki-dukaan'
    or, as they say "keep it brewing!"


    congrats om, a big hi-five to you on your blog's 5th birthday... aj toh hum sabko especial chai milni chahiye :)

  12. sahii PANCH saal is a long time..

    kitnee dil melien,
    kitne dil tuntee,

    but duukaan chalta raha :)

    he he .. sorry for the PJ

    keep Sipping, T-ing and W-ting..

  13. @ Joy
    thank you joy for such joyful thoughts!!!

    much appreciated :)

    @ Swati
    thank you for the kind wishes !!! glad you like this place so much


    @ Wishes Galore
    thank you so much for the lovely words!!!

    @ Sam
    thanks! good to hear some encouraging words :)

    @ Burf
    bhai thank you

    @ Vaishali
    good to read this... having you around for a long time on CKD has always been nice!!!!

    @ Richa
    I am glad too... to see you moving from Becoming a Stranger to yourself to Aarbee today!!!!

    glad to see that this blog makes a difference!!! i am happy to have you around for that long too!

    @ Geet

    @ Kshitiz
    thanks bro!!!

    @ Manmohan

    @ Jas
    thanks :)

    @ Kashmira
    yea, it is... I am happy about it!!! thank you for being around

    @ Mayuri
    that is such a sweet poem!!!

    thank you so much!!

    chai tayyar hai maidam

    @ Tanu
    thanks!!!! :)

    chai ki dukaan to khuli hi rahegi... dilon ka kya hai :P

  14. wow...congratulations!

  15. Congratulations Murari.

    this is mighty fantastic. totally love chai ki dukkan and love the chaiwalla even more.

    i'm so proud of you for ur commitment to CKD and the enthusiasm that u put into it day after day. kudos to that.

    Like shared by others, a lot has indeed happened over the chai-cups at CKD. looking forward to many more kadak chai cups here in times to come.

    hugs, B

  16. yeaaaa !! I dont know how old i am ?? never counted.. he he !!!