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Next Few

  • A Royal Enfield - Thunderbird Twinspark (reminds me of allspark from Transformers) or a Machismo 500 (I don't like the split seat though)!
  • A Tata Safari Dicor, and
  • A Fiat Punto or a Hyundai i10
Needs planning (can do), Time (have loads) and money ( umm! :) have to get all of it )

and all of this while I am trying to find out, how I am going to manage
  • a macbook pro 15" (that seems to be insight though)
  • a canon 5D M2 or a Canon 7D
ab kya karenge bhaiyya
ab kahan jayenge bhaiyya!!!


  1. yeh sab aajaye aur charity ka man ho to.. mujhe ek infiniti g37 black coupe de dena

  2. @ Iya
    Big Amen to your G37... I like that car too...

    If in the US I would only go for either a Mustang or a Beamer!

  3. Cool..all the best hai..Dicor and I10 are both achi gaadiyan..I was plannin on to zero i10 too..so did a market research!!Ache interiors hain,better than the rest of the hatchbacks in this segements!!
    good good..keep going!!

  4. Thanks Vaishali... The reason for i10 is the availability of auto-drive in it... I am not sure of any other cars with that feature. It makes a lot of sense for the city!

    What else did you research say? did you buy the car?

  5. Auto drive..Iam not sure if its successful in India..Magna Auto it is..
    Its high on my wish list..dont really need another car at the moment,have one for myself..but surely soon!!

  6. TEEN autos? Bhai kuch apne bacchon ke liye bhi chhod do.

  7. :)itni saari gadiyan! Umm...bade log :P

    May you earn these 'gaddi(s)'and many more for yourself soon. Amen!

    Oh! btw, Royal Enfield Bullet 1955 model lenay main interested ho to batana?

  8. @ Vaishali
    not yet... it should be... with the kind of traffic we drive in, it should be a hit... i think its the cost that drive the not so successful behaviour!

    @ Richa
    Papa is using my car right now... he would need one as soon as I am back...
    Safari is the next one that I am going to get... not soon enough... a couple of years may be!
    and the bike... been a dream for long... not in a mood to wait any longer :)

    @ Swati

    I will be very interested in the 1955 but not for atleast the first couple of years of my biking experience!

  9. hehe lovely list... may you get 7D sooner than you are thinking..